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April 15, 2024

Sullivan City Council – Attorney General PAC reviewing $786,939 dollar contract action.

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 5, 2017

Moultrie Co. (ECWd)

In a guest commentary by Adam Andrzejewski found in this article with the News-Gazette, the public was made aware of what appears to be yet another bloated pay package for a retiring Judge in Moultrie County.

That commentary exposed a $1.6 Million dollar 5-year contract for the position of Sullivan City Manager.

Doing what we do, I filed a Freedom of Information Act request and received the contract awarded, the agenda and minutes for the meeting in which this contract was voted on.

It turns out, just as suspected, there was no agenda item for the awarding of a 5-year employment contract.  Not only was that action item missing from the agenda, it turns out this happen at a Special Meeting, which restricts all discussion and action to only those items on the agenda. Turns out they discussed other matters that were not listed on the agenda and then voted to award the contract that was not listed on the agenda.

I then filed this request for review with the Attorney General Public Access Counselor (PAC).  We received confirmation that the PAC is reviewing this case per the allegations I presented in my request.  I am confident that they will find the City of Sullivan did, in fact, violate the Open Meetings Act as I outlined.

Below is the PAC letter sent to the City.

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