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Call to Action – Can you identify this deputy sheriff?

Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

We received a link to this video several months ago but have been unable to confirm the name of the Deputy Sheriff “knocking” on the door.

We were told that this deputy did not have a warrant.  We are trying to confirm the name of the officer so that we can further determine if an appropriate warrant was ever issued.


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  1. I recorded the video…dee did not know for sure if it was the person with a body attachment warrant…being a failure to appear.no he did not have a residential warrant. He is corrupt as f…

    • Now that you know it’s Dee, and what everyone else already knew who watched this video ( including you ) Kirk Allen …what now?

      Now that we know there was a warrant, does that change your assumptions about all this Kirk Allen and John Kraft?

      When will you be apologizing for your assumptions? Can you ever admit your wrong, in public?

  2. Like you don’t know who this fool is?? The one and only narcissist in the flesh. Dee Burgin. As much as I want to hate the watchdogs, is there really any question as to his identity? Lol. I know that voice from 10 miles away.

    • Glad to know the truth is finally coming out here. So if John Kraft and Kirk Allen already knew who this deputy was then why were they acting like they didn’t know?

      • David hamilton, it would be wrong to take a persons word that this is true without something to back it up. As I said, we dont know who it is and that is why we asked for others to provide some input on it. Your assumption is wrong, as is your troll activity demanding apologies on this matter. There is nothing to apologize for because no information published has been wrong. Im not big on blocking commenters but if you continue to send the trolling garbage you have been sending we will block you from commenting.

        • DELETED BY MODERATOR—…”Now that I got the last word,”… DELETED BY MODERATOR and MODERATOR NOTES: “No, you didn’t get the last word.”

        • Then why would you ask the public for a call to action!!!!!??? Hey people, tell us who this is….person that knows 100% it’s burgin tells you. Well we can’t take that persons word. Why the frack did you post it then?????

          • A call to action brings potential contacts to the table so that we can speak with them to get further validation of who it is. The person that CLAIMS to know has yet to respond to communications and requests for an affidavit or personal conversation on the matter. Its called vetting. We do that with such claims before drawing a conclusion. The whole purpose of posting is to bring people to the table that have first-hand knowledge. Something you appearenlty cant except Chris.

    • No, we don’t know who this is and really appreciate if the person who made the video would let us know a time and location so we could do some more investigating on who this is. Some have said it is Burgin but I can’t say with confidence from the video that it is him.

  3. Where, when, why? Did he have a weapon drawn? Maybe no one was home. Who walked up to ask “what’s goin’ on”? Did he know officer? Did he notice plate number or other identifying marks on squad car? How many bald headed aggressive deputies do we have in Edgar County or is he from another county? If there was a woman and children in the house and this happened I would not answer the door in this case for fear of being assaulted and hurt physically or verbally. Inappropriate behavior by officer. He needs to go back to school for training. We, need officers who know how to communicate with people in all types of situations, people are human, they make stupid mistakes, have bad hair days, family troubles, etc., our police need to be able to read a person’s vibes, and access the situation. Treating a person who has had a death in family, family member so is very sick, something that has put them under stress, like a criminal is not beneficial to anyone. Please require officers to take retraining, we don’t want or need an officer involved in a homicide of an innocent person because of a misunderstanding.

    • Is there is a difference in a search warrant that allows a law enforcement officer(s) to kick down a door or just knock on the door and if no answer the officer(s) just leaves and attempts service of it at another time? It seems like more information is needed in this case before anyone can come to any conclusion about it. Why publish a story about it without all the information needed to know what is really going on in this video?

      • The only “story” is that we need to know who this officer is so that all the other questions can be asked of the right agency. As the article stated: “We are trying to confirm the name of the officer so that we can further determine if an appropriate warrant was ever issued.”

  4. Mr. Kraft, Mr. Allen,

    In answer to your question, there can’t be that many sheriffs squad cars matching this one’s discription.
    It would seem easy to match time and date stamp on this video with those found in the all of the deputies cars and with those deputies working on that particular shift.
    I would hope the Deputy has a search warrant or that he’s witnessed a crime and is in hot pursuit (as verified by his squad camera) otherwise…our Edgar County Sheriff Jeff Wood should suspend him permanently for attempted breaking and entering before Edgar County gets sued. If this is actually the case…

    I don’t want to pay for this kind of “police protection”. If this turns out to be what it is.

    What time and day was this video taken? Anyone can FOIA all of the squad cars videos, shift reports, and payroll information at this particular moment and I’ll do it for you if it helps.

  5. Not a coward – you’re entitled to your opinion, and we are entitled to ours, which is based on information you more than likely don’t have.

  6. That’s Deputy Trying to Do His Job. A job in which cowards like yourself could never do. Those who can, do. Those who can’t criticize.

    • Now that is funny. Trying to do his job? Kicking down a door without a search warrant? Cowards? Don’t see him running into burning buildings to save lives and property do you? A coward is one who has so little courage they won’t even put their contact information in their post so that a discussion can be had.

      • Kirk, I normally have thought you were a rational person. But to call someone a coward for wanting to remain anonymous is uncalled for. Many remain anonymous for many reasons, work, friends, kids in school, etc. For you to come out now and call someone a coward for wanting to remain anonymous is uncalled for. You must think we all are cowards because on your own website you state: You can also use the form below, use a fake name/email to send us anonymous information. You want information from cowards but you don’t want cowards posting. Shame

        • Rest assured we are rational and this particular commenter has a history of these types of jabs. Remaining anonymous for the reasons you listed are just fine but when a person does as this person has done many times, we call it as we see it. Sharing information towards that helps achieve our goals is quite different than anonymously posting garbage and taking jabs at us. Dont mix the two.

          • Your quote: “A coward is one who has so little courage they won’t even put their contact information in their post so that a discussion can be had”. It makes no such differentiation. You are one to make much ado about quotes from other people. You should be more careful before you hit send and insult most of your readers. Just my opinion.

    • LOL. You have absolutely no idea what either one of us have done, but it is easy for you to anonymously run your fly trap like a typical coward hiding in your momma’s basement while calling other people cowards.

      • I know both of you personally. I have thought both of you have done positive and negative things for the areas you report in. But these two comments are not from journalists. It flies in the face of being a citizen journalist to attack a person like this. I remain anonymous because of my job. I hope you both are not becoming what you hate. Quick to attack just like the politicians you report on. I am not the original poster, and I can assure you I am not in my momma’s basement. Both of you should have taken a higher road.

        • The words posted by EC Citizen are those of a troll. I believe most, if not all, of our readers can distinguish between responses to a troll and responses to ordinary and typical comments.

          • I am glad some in this audience here is finally seeing how judgemental and hypocritical both Kirk Allen and John Kraft can be IF the comments posted here don’t fit into their political agenda or you just rub them the wrong way.

            I would hope they would be men enough to realize they made a mistake here and apologize for their comments and not act this way again, but based on what I have observed over the years from both of them reading the comments they have made on their website I expect they will continue to act this way because they can get away with it here and not publish anymore comments from this person they called a coward and most likely won’t publish my comment either I suspect.

            Hopefully I am wrong and they see the error in their ways and can be men enough to admit it publicly on their own website.

            Can you admit your wrong here ever? In public on your own website?

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