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April 18, 2024

Mayor Tari Renner’s Accomplishment? Bloomington Makes Most Dangerous City List –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On December 29, 2016


Mayor Tari Renner’s Accomplishment? Bloomington Makes Most Dangerous City List In Illinois –

Quite an accomplishment, Bloomington beat out Chicago’s daily slaughtering to be listed 2nd on list of the most dangerous cities in Illinois to live.

Tari Renner wants you to vote for him again this coming election – he isn’t done yet. Second place is the first loser.

According to an article on “Only in your state”, a website creating lists of different things about each state, like safest city, most dangerous city, and other things people like to read, Bloomington made the list this year, in the second spot on the list, for most dangerous city in Illinois to live.

They used crime data from 2014 and some from 2015 to come up with the list.

Bloomington was listed as having 238 aggravated assaults in 2014. Chicago is listed in 3rd spot, with East St. Louis coming in the top listed spot as most dangerous city to live in Illinois.

Read the listing here.

Kinda leaves you scratching your head…

(Title and article edited for clarity 12/31/2016 @ 2124)

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  • David Hamilton
    Posted at 09:01h, 31 December

    December 27, 2016 by Amanda Glandon

    Here Are The 13 Most Dangerous Places In Illinois After Dark

    Quoted from original article:
    ” As the sun goes down, crime tends to rise, and in these Illinois towns, you’ll want to be especially cautious. In NO PARTICULAR ORDER, here are 13 places in The Prairie State that are quite dangerous after dark: ” …

    As you can easily see this article I quoted that you mentioned in your article here, the author of this article clearly states that ” In no particular order…” these towns are listed in this article she wrote, for obvious reasons not to rank them from bad to worse by number, but she is just listing 13 towns she claims are bad to go in AFTER DARK without a buddy, she claims. So therefore obviously being 2nd or 13th on this list has no relevance to which town is worse than the others on the list. Which is the point you are claiming in your article. Right? Kinda misleading and obviously biased ( because you oppose their mayor politically) information from you in your article in my opinion and many others who may or may not support their mayor politically. Right John Kraft? Please consider this before coming to a conclusion about this information John Kraft provided in his article and his claims within it and the reasons he posted it. Thank you. Have a nice day.

    Happy New Year! 2017 is almost here…
    Be safe tonight and please don’t drink and drive. Call a cab or use a designated driver tonight if you plan on drinking any amount of alcohol, please. Thanks.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 09:07h, 31 December

      David Hamilton, if you would read my article you would notice it is explained within the article and also linked to the original article. Right David Hamilton? Does it really matter which spot it actually comes in at when it makes the list of most dangerous places in Illinois after dark? maybe you should concentrate on that point. I noticed you didn’t dispute the accuracy of the original article…

      • David Hamilton
        Posted at 10:37h, 31 December

        Sorry John Kraft, please… forgive me? Obviously you and our audience here understands both our points I assumed in making my comment here. That being said…you seem a bit defensive in your reply directed twords me in my opinion. Sorry if I offended you personally or your political party…or whoever else may disagree with me here for whatever reason.

        Consider this though please my friends…What is the (root) problem? Man is the problem in general, not God our Father of the Holy Bible. I am the problem. You are the problem. We all as men and women are the (root) problem. We all are sinners according to the Holy Bible, but if you have faith in Jesus Christ and are born again, saved from eternal separation from God you can rise above all this endemic public corruption in our state, political opposition and drama used by both sides and be a new man, different than the man you once were being just a lost soul in the wilderness, alone, separate, part of this world, just living in the flesh.

        Please consider focusing on Jesus Christ this year in 2017, not me, or any other man or woman who may try to persuade you one way or the other. Consider praying about it and trying to do God’s will this upcoming year, not your own will or push your political party agenga.

        Decide for yourself, check the facts first, verify the sources, if you must, but consider the real source to all Truth is within the Holy Bible. Not what any man living in the flesh alone separate from God claims is the truth to you.

        That being said…I love you all my brothers and sisters because God loves us so…and i will pray God has mercy upon all our souls and blesses all of us this coming year in 2017.

        Thank you. Have a nice day.

        Happy New Year to you and yours!

        Be safe, please.
        Don’t drink and drive.

  • James J. Pancrazio
    Posted at 09:03h, 08 January

    Statistics are inaccurate and misleading. Bloomington crime statistics over a five year period indicate a downward trend. We don’t have statistics for 2016 yet, but the multi year comparison is actually favorable to Ranner. See for yourselves.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 13:12h, 08 January

      According to the Bloomington data you provided, the downstate article is correct in stating 238 assaults in 2014. Your linked-to data also shows an increase in Criminal Sexual Assaults since 2012 – increase in Robbery from 2014 to 2015 – increase in Motor Vehicle Theft every year since 2011 – and an increase in Arson from 2014 to 2015.

      • James J. Pancrazio
        Posted at 13:21h, 08 January

        Hi, John, as I already replied in FB, I didn’t dispute the number of 238 that appears in the UCR, only that the the number spiked in 2014 and that the statistic was isolated. In this regard, the statement is accurate. Moreover, the report posted has 8 total indicators, 4 of which register reductions. One of which is arson which registered 8 as opposed to 6 cases. Hardly sufficient data to arrive at a well founded conclusion.

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 13:21h, 08 January