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Clark County Park District Candidates for April 2017 Election –


The Candidate Lineup (gleaned from petitions that were submitted by close of business today) for the Clark County Park District Board of Commissioner seats in the April 4, 2017 election is as follows:

3 full (4-year) term seats – Roy Sweet, Joe Ewing, Steve Turpin, and Lisa Thomas

2 partial (2-year) term seats – Jeff Wallace, Don Pine and Glen Kuehnel

The five open seats will be filled from the above.

We suggest voters find out their opinions on the “lease lots” and everything else at the Park that has been discussed in the past 3 years or so.

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  1. That’s what Quincy, IL is looking for “Change” in their Park Board – there are 4 vacant seats at a 4 yr term with 8 people running. (2 incumbents – 6 new people running). For the 2 year slot there are 2 incumbents and 3 new people running.
    13 people for 6 vacant seats.

  2. I smell a change coming!!! Perhaps, hopefully, a new majority!!! Glad to see one name missing on here of a current member whose term is up!!

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