Bloomington Election Commission Delays Petition Objection Hearing Again –


The Bloomington Election Commission and its Municipal Officers Electoral Board has rescheduled the hearing previously scheduled for Thursday (where they failed once again to properly post the agenda) for Friday December 9th at 2:30 p.m., or 1430 hours.

There are other petition objection hearings on Friday starting at 10:00 and lasting thru the one starting at 2:30 p.m.

Petitions objected to were:

  • Tari Renner
  • Diana DeSio Hauman
  • J. Balmer
  • Jeffery J. Fox (Fox withdrew from the race)
  • Joni Painter

You can read the agendas at this link (here).

What is still unclear to us, is how they can adopt hearing rules and hear the objections in the same meeting the rules were adopted in.

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  1. Adopting hearing rules and hearing objections in the same meeting gives the whole affair a rigged appearance because proper preparation time is not allowed. Considering what has been shown so far by the hearing officials is that they can’t be trusted any further than you can pick up an AMTRAK locomotive with train attached. Local residents will have to attend and loudly report any rules tricks.

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