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February 23, 2024

USOIG Asks Rock Island Housing Authority To Reimburse More Than $600,000 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 18, 2016


The Housing Authority of the City of Rock Island, Rock Island, IL, Did Not Always Comply With HUD’s Requirements Regarding the Administration of Its Housing Choice Voucher Program

According to the USOIG’s Audit Report released in September of 2016, the Rock Island Housing Authority:

  • did not comply with HUD’s conflict-of-interest requirements when it did not obtain the services of an independent third party to perform housing quality standards inspections and rent reasonableness determinations for units it substantially controlled
  • inappropriately paid nearly $454,000 in housing assistance to the entities
  • earned nearly $44,000 in administrative fees
  • HUD lacked assurance that the Authority acted in the best interests of its program households
  • did not appropriately manage its Family Self-Sufficiency program

The United States Office of Inspector General recommended that HUD’s Chicago office of Public Housing require that Rock Island Housing Authority reimbursement more than $507,000 from non-federal funds for ineligible housing assistance and inappropriate escrow disbursements, and to reimburse from non-federal funds more than $130,000 for unsupported coordinator grant funds and escrow payments, plus transfer more than $1,200  for the underfunded and overfunded escrow accounts.

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