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Illinois State Police Report On Edgar County Airport Fire Bombing – Chris Patrick, Jimmy Wells, Brian Phillips Refuse Polygraph –


November will be three years since the fire-bombing of two aircraft at the Paris Airport, located just north of Paris, Illinois in Edgar County, and the Illinois State Police report of the crime is still lacking in much evidence.


Four people were asked to be interviewed using the polygraph detection of deception examination, and only one of those four were actually interviewed, with the other three refusing.

Robert Bogue, Chris Patrick, Jimmy Wells, and Brian Phillips (owner of fire-bombed planes) were all invited to polygraphs.

On January 21, 2015, Robert Bogue submitted to the examination. Illinois State Police Polygraph Examiner reported that through this examination there were “no significant responses indicative of deception” and that “the subject is telling the truth” on the questions asked (see pages 1 and 2 of the pdf below).

The questions asked were whether or not he set fire to the aircraft, the aircraft wings, the plastic bags of aluminum and ferric oxide, and did he help or plan with anyone to do those things. He answered “no” to all questions and the Examiner’s written report indicates he was “telling the truth“.

Chris Patrick, Jimmy Wells, and Brian Phillips – all three, according to State Police reports, refused to be examined with the polygraph detection of deception examination (AKA: lie detector)(see page 16 of the below report).

[gview file=”https://edgarcountywatchdogs.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Bogue-polygraphs-Rpt.pdf”]

This is a multi-part article on the Illinois State Police Report, check back for further information.

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  1. Dear Reg,
    The owner of these two firebombed planes was questioned under oath and at great lengths by his insurance company. They were satisfied of his complete innocence and paid out about $800,000.00 for just these two fire bombed aircraft….all after paying for another airplane of his that crashed with out the NTSB discovering what caused the crash. That was a separate half million. They did a through investigation before this pay out. All three aircraft were based at the Edgar County Airport….

    In response to your question, I would guess the personalized messages on these planes “this is our airport and fuck Rob” just weren’t relevant to his situation and are were clearly something he would not know about to spray paint on an aircraft. Remember those messages were not supposed to survive. The owner and I were acquaintances and friends at the time of the firebombing and still are.

  2. Why would the Edgar County Airport manager at the time, Mr. Jimmy Wells refuse to take a polygraph test regarding the firebombing of these two aircraft?

    Why not, even though he was clearly involved in the hazing and badgering of the decease business owner that utilized these aircraft.

    Why wouldn’t Chris Patrick, the former Edgar County Airport advisory board chair and, former County Board Chair be outraged regarding the inference of guilt by not submitting to a polygraph and then take one? What would he have to hide?

    Where is the Edgar County Board on these matters?

    As you can see the polygraph only has 4 questions…and they’re only related to the firebombing. After all the County Board did appoint Wells, gave him a letter of commendation and even elected Patrick as there chair. Nothing to hide, right?

    • You avoided my question with questions. Why would the owner of the planes refuse to help in the investigation by refusing to take the lie detector? That looks like they don’t care about the planes or are hiding something. Just sayin’. If I owned something that was vandalized, I would do whatever the cops wanted me to…

  3. Is Chris Patrick the same guy that has been screwing Lisa the past 15 years while he was married?
    Maybe he has more to hide than being a cheater.

  4. WHY on EARTH would Chris Patrick and Jimmy Wells refuse to take the LIE detector test???????? They SURELY had nothing to do with burning these two aircraft or anything else that has happened at the Edgar County Airport these past few years??????

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