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July 22, 2024

Truth Pill For Marshall Residents: Don’t Listen To Your Public Works Director –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 16, 2016


According to Gary Strohm, Cory Sheehy, Marhsall’s Public Works Director, stated that they had “lost” the $8,500 “annual donation” they usually get from the Park District because of the Edgar County Watchdogs.

We thank them for admitting once again that we were right in forcing the Clark County Park District to follow the law. At least they are following one section of the law, we still have lots of work to do down there.

The City of Marshall could no longer keep raping park district tax payers after we exposed the district’s unlawful distribution of “grants” to local parks. If those local parks need funds from the park district they need to annex into the park district, otherwise there is only one way for the park district to use public funds in local parks not under their control.

We  wrote about that in October of last year (click here). Section 8-5 of the Park District Code explains that there needs to be a “joint recreational program” in place in order for the district to use its public funds on other parks. In the previous article we gave suggestions on what a local park needs to do in order to qualify for the funds. It appears Marshall didn’t think they needed to follow the law – and now are blaming us because they got caught. We were proud the park district was so eager to abide by state law, although we wonder why they picked this one to follow instead of all the other they continuously violate.

Message for Sheehy: Tell Mayor Tim Sanders to quit giving public funds , property, and credit away to the Marshall Cemetery in violation of law. I know, your attorney wrote a B.S. opinion and said it was OK, but next time ask him to sign a paper saying he will defend his opinion free of charge and pay back the City of Marshall all the funds illegally sent to the cemetery when he is proven wrong in court. That is at least $10,000 each year – $1,500 more than the park district was giving you in violation of state law.

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  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 11:55h, 04 October Reply

    now let us list those grateful to the ECWD’s, because the $$ are NEVER lost, just redirected in the right direction. My name begins this list. Danni Smith.

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