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May 27, 2024

Ron Sandack – Ownership Appreciated

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 16, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

While the media is going nuts over recent revelations pertaining to former State Representative Ron Sandack’s extorsion situation, I would like to point to what could prove to be the real message and teaching moment.

Sandack is quoted by the Chicago Tribune as follows.

“I’m human. I made a mistake for which I am remorseful and ashamed; especially because I have hurt my family, and there is no greater self-inflicted wound than that,” Sandack said Friday in an emailed statement.

The message, one we have tried to share for years is when you screw up, take ownership, and fix it.  By all indications, that is exactly what Mr. Sandack has done.  He screwed up and owned it.  He reported it to the authorities all while knowing such a report will sooner or later be released.  His personal actions got the best of him and he did the right thing by stepping down and focusing on what is real, his family.

I personally don’t know much about Mr. Sandack but I do appreciate his taking ownership for his actions and taking steps to make things right.

Thoughts and prayers to his family in these difficult times.



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  • blount
    Posted at 11:02h, 17 September Reply

    Learn how to manage your social media presence. Assume what you do will follow you. And don’t put anything out there your mother would be embarrassed to read.

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