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Edgar County Sheriff Department being sued…..again –

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Most in Edgar County know the history of the Edgar County Jail and its living conditions.  From the days of Karl Farnham being the Sheriff and being sued for its condition to today, the lawsuits continue.

According to the Federal Government, since 1994 there have been 14 Federally filed lawsuits against Edgar County and most of them tied to matters in the Sheriff’s office.  I suspect we would find this number to be off the charts high if compared to other counties in Illinois of similar size.  A quick review confirmed that suspicion.   Federal records reflect only three cases ever filed in Clark County with their first one in 1997.   Seven in Crawford County with their first one in 1991.  Does this small comparison point to failed leadership in Edgar County?  Leadership, or lack of, continues to cost the taxpayers each and every time a suit is filed for a jail that they all know is deplorable and continues to subject us to lawsuits.

How many in Edgar County knew that Sheriff Wood and others in the county were being sued once again?  I don’t recall the local paper ever covering that but may have missed their report.   This suit is on the jail conditions after a prisoner was injured stepping out of the shower.

Most should remember all former Sherif Motley tried to do to fix the jail condition problems, but unfortunately, the County Board did little to nothing in order to fund the fixes needed for this problem.

Ironically, this lawsuit names former Sheriff Motley even though he was not the Sheriff when the injury took place.  You can read the complaint filed below.

May we suggest the citizens start thinking about who they vote for in the future?  As in, vote for people that are going to fix this kind of problem so we can reduce the historic lawsuit volume that continues to cost us all.

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