District 210

Lincoln-Way D210 – The Cart leading the horse

Will Co. (ECWd) –

Public bodies in Illinois have an obligation to protect the taxpayer’s money and ensure they follow the laws before them.  Lincoln-Way D210 is now changing the way schools do business in Illinois.

During last night’s board meeting it was disclosed that the rent-dodging daycare would pay the District $60,000.00 this year to operate their private for-profit business on public property.  It was claimed this is all they were willing to pay.  One board member recommended the board pursue a request for proposals for day care services for next year.

I can only wonder why no one did that for this year, let alone the last decade.  How on earth is a private business dictating to the elected officials what they will or will not pay to operate their private business on public property? I would love to see the statutory authority they have been given to “negotiate” the price they will accept for no-bid daycare service.  If you’re wondering, there is none!

Yes, they have allowed the cart to lead the horse in Lincoln-Way District 210.

May we suggest the citizens take necessary steps to force the mandated property tax bill onto the private business that is operating on public property.  That will be an additional boost in funds to the county and the cash-strapped school district.


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  1. Plainfield School District 202 is leasing out the gymnasiums in 19 schools to a private entity, for $10/yr – for ALL of them.

    When did school district become the most corrupt entities in the state?

  2. Wonder how they came up with the figure of $60,000? How many square feet does this equate to? Being in the business of commercial real estate for thirty years, rent is based on the amenities in the space, location to schools and other factors are taken into consideration.
    Are the utilities included? How many students can occupy the space ? What’s the child age requirements? Wonder if $60,000 is market rent.
    Age of the facility also is taken into consideration..
    Is the out door play area area part of the lease?

    • Jon,

      The district wanted 90k, the day care claims they can only afford 60k. I’d love my landlord to ask me how much I could afford in rent, I’d love to lower my bill.

      Utilities are including. This is multiple rooms inside each school (was four schools, now down to three). These day care rooms were remodeled specifically for day care. LW paid for all of this. LW also pays for the nightly cleaning. LW also paid over 90k to build the outdoor playground. All of this is ridiculous.

      Keep in mind the daycare also uses the gym, filed house, auditorium, swimming pool, and has a designated bathroom (the high school students cannot use them). All included in that low rent.

      So three buildings, multiple rooms and full amenities at each building. 60k a year. That’s 20k per building. Or about $2k per building per month. The average house in the area rents for $2k a month if you add in utilities. Ridiculous.

  3. Business as usual in the LW Dist. 210 – this is not about the kids in the district that the BOE and administration supposedly serves. Why should I be so surprised? Lincoln Way continues to fail us in ways that you could never make up!

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