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May 26, 2024

Jo Ann Reed – Cahokia’s Commonfields Water District Order of Protection Denied –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 1, 2016


The “Emergency Order of Protection” filed by the felon employee of the Commonfields of Cahokia Water District against a local watchdog for expressing her opinions was denied for the “emergency” portion (see this article) a couple of weeks ago.

Today was the hearing on the actual protective order, which was also denied.

According to those in attendance at the hearing, Jo Ann Reed (the felon employee of the water district) had to be warned several times to quit being aggressive towards Donna Ayres in the courtroom.

We had one of those type of public officials here in Edgar County try the same thing and was quickly swatted down by the Court (read about Mike Heltsley here) – this one being no different.

It was apparent, thru all the lies told in the addendum for the protective order, that JoAnn Reed was simply unhappy with Donna Ayres for voicing her opinions, and tried to put a stop to it thru the court system.

We knew it was doomed to fail, since the petitioning of your government is a protected right, and this was nothing more than an intimidation tactic used against the public. Watching the video, it became apparent that Reed instigated almost everything that occurred, and even rolled her window down when she approached and stopped next to the person she claims is harassing and that she was supposedly afraid of.

The next item to be swatted down is the charge of disorderly conduct, based on the complaints of Reed for the same incident as the failed OP. That court date is August 15th. However, the village and prosecutor should drop those charges immediately once they view the video proving this accusation as frivolous and merely another intimidation attempt by Reed and the Village of Cahokia.
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