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Update on DuPage County’s FOIA Denial for W-2 forms –

Naperville, IL. (ECWd) –

Last May I requested W2 Forms to compare what DuPage County told the IRS its elected officials were receiving in compensation, to what they were actually receiving.

My request was denied and I filed a request for review with the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor.

Recently DuPage County responded to the AG-PAC, and I responded to their response.

You can read them both below – but the bottom line in my opinion is that there is no federal or state law specifically prohibiting release of public employee W-2 Forms.

DuPage County response:

My response to DuPage County’s response:

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  1. It seems the county has spent a lot extra time blocking the FOIA request. Do you think they might be hiding something or protecting someone? I think its all of the above.

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