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July 13, 2024

La Harpe’s Unprofessional Councilman Kenny Foster –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 16, 2016

La Harpe, IL. (ECWd) –

It started out as something as simple as complaining about the torn and tattered United States Flag at the town entrance, and ended up with a councilman name-calling on social media.

Mr. Ed Perce posted a picture on Facebook complaining of the torn and tattered flag located at the otherwise welcoming entrance into La Harpe, Illinois, noting that of all months, July should not be the month with a flag in this condition flying as a representation of the city.

Instead of just fixing the problem, La Harpe City Councilman Kenny Foster had to get all bent out of shape and start name-calling in the same post he made saying the flag was replaced. Using terms like “media-whores” and complaining of posting “shit like this” towards the poster. Followed up by telling another citizen to “shut the hell up.” Classy…

La Harpe-Facebook Comments

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Comments like these from city councilmen are generally frowned upon, especially when targeted at the citizens they represent.

Foster’s facebook page purports to show he is former military, except it is unclear in which capacity he may have served as there are no subdued (or otherwise) rank on the uniform,  and if he did serve, he should know that when flags get torn and tattered they get replaced.

It is this type of attitude by elected officials that foster (pun intended) mistrust of local governments.
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  • Warren J. Le Fever
    Posted at 21:20h, 16 July Reply

    How ridiculous. Calling Councilman Foster “unprofessional” is a compliment.

  • Ed Pence
    Posted at 21:29h, 16 July Reply

    Thank you for bringing to light the verbal abuse I took on my own personal Facebook page! This is just the latest in a year long battle with this new Mayor and do nothing, enabling council.

  • Kristin
    Posted at 12:10h, 17 July Reply

    I’m afraid doesn’t have the whole story here. These councilmen and women have been harassed beyond belief. The contents that were shared with you were edited. Mr. Foster is a good family man. A man that cares. A man that went and bought that flag and put it up himself, instead of passing it off to someone else. A man that defended his country. A man that gives his time to his city. Unprofessional, is publishing a story that you don’t have the correct information about!

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 12:46h, 17 July Reply

      Kristin, I used screenshots of his facebook page and of his comments on facebook. How can any of that be “edited” as far as content unless Foster edited it himself? Please point to something that is incorrect in this article.

    • Tiffany
      Posted at 14:13h, 17 July Reply

      Amen!! Thank you, Kristin!!

  • Stephanie
    Posted at 14:08h, 17 July Reply

    Krisin, I’m confused??? You say he’s a good family man?? Ask the sons of his previous marriage that one. He defended his country??? Can you validate that with a moment and time he’s went ANYWHERE????

  • Shaila M Ayer
    Posted at 22:17h, 17 July Reply

    Kenny’s premise was “Let’s go through the process of correcting things”. The problem was that the flag needed to be changed. No one brought this to their (La harpe’s)attention. It would have been changed immediately. And it WAS changed when it was brought to their attention. The issue was that the “public” made it an “issue” before the people that could change it–COULD CHANGE IT. I don’t question the vehemency. There was only “media-whore-ism”.(an accurate assessment) And that is a disgrace.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 22:28h, 17 July Reply

      and he could have simply changed it and left it alone, but instead had to throw out insults and tell people to shut the hell up…That is the disgrace.

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