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May 27, 2024

Illinois State Rep. Ron Sandack has Resigned –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 24, 2016


We have received several tips that indicate State Rep Ron Sandack (R-Downers Grove) has resigned from office. This has also been reported by several news organizations.

Sandack cited recent “cyber security issues” as his main reason for resigning and is quoted in Capitol Fax and Daily Herald as stating:

It has been a tremendous honor and privilege to serve the people of the 81st district for the past four years in Springfield,” he said in the statement. “But after some cyber security issues arose, I began to re-evaluate my continued public service.” and “I have always recognized there is no greater privilege than being a father and husband. My duties in Springfield has meant missing a lot of events in the lives of my children. I am no longer willing to miss important family events.”

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  • Fred
    Posted at 04:35h, 25 July Reply

    ok , what did he do ??? Is he a crook like all the democrats or just sick of Illinois government ???

    • Mort Marshall
      Posted at 18:43h, 25 July Reply

      He’s a REPUBLICAN crook. Rauner’s right hand crook. He’s probably tired of destroying the state, closing our Universities and hurting poor people…or he got caught doing something his wife wouldn’t like.

      • jmkraft
        Posted at 19:22h, 25 July Reply

        Please name all those universities that were closed. That is a HUGE story that needs reported. I’m surprised no other media has reported on all the universities closed in Illinois because of Sandack. Please let us know ASAP so we can look into it…. (Mort Marshall you are a dirt-bag)

        • Danni Smith
          Posted at 07:58h, 26 July Reply

          When I call hil a crook, I can name theft after theft. When I call bil a rapist and a cheater, I can name woman after woman who has been raped and woman after woman with whom he has had affairs. When I write that bil and hil are associated with dozens of mysterious murders for dozens of years, I can name names and details. But when I write about closed universities in land of leavin’, I can’t think of any.

  • Rob Johnson
    Posted at 15:43h, 25 July Reply

    At the end of the spring legislative session Sandack angrily confronted Madigan’s chief legal counsel over a roll call vote and allegedly put his hand(s) on her. The Democrats were none too pleased and accused Sandack of accosting her, Sandack of course denied the Democrats charge.

    Sandack was Dan Cronin’s hand-picked replacement for himself. Cronin’s crumbling “political dynasty” has now opened up a big gaping breach. It appears there is a lot more to this story to come.

    • Fred
      Posted at 05:04h, 26 July Reply

      So then Sandack being gone is a good thing ??? These questions I ask , not out of being sarcastic but being out of Illinois for 7 years now and moving to a neighboring state , I still read the watchdogs daily to keep up on Illinois … I was born and lived in Illinois most of my life … I moved to a neighboring state that votes the way I do even though the people here are assholes … I always look forward to coming home because even though Illinois is so corrupt , the people are much better people and isn’t their fault that Cook county and the Chicago machine has ruined the state …

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