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June 22, 2024

General Assembly – Adults are in the room

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On July 13, 2016

Springfield, IL (ECWd) –

This morning, several legislators held a press conference in Chicago calling for the removal of the Illinois Auditor General.  They filed a House Joint Resolution to initiate the process.

“Auditor General Mautino is not able to perform his duties with the trust and confidence that Illinoisans deserve,” Rep. Kay said.

“If he will not do the right thing on his own and step aside, we have a responsibility as the people’s elected representatives to hold him accountable,” Add Rep. Ives

The people of Illinois are witnessing first-hand what Benjamin Franklin’s answer to that famous question of  “what kind of government did you give us”, really means.  “A republic if you can keep it.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you keep it!  Action by responsible people elected and entrusted to take action based on the best interest of the state, not themselves.

We thank each and every one of them for doing the right thing!

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  • Dennis Finegan
    Posted at 15:44h, 13 July Reply

    Now get out the vote. Nice going Rep. Ives and others. This sort of nonsense has gone on for too long. Now take on Cullerton & company.

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