Cahokia Village Trustee at center of Daycare Sexual Molestation Allegations –


A Village of Cahokia Trustee who is also an employee of the Commonfields of Cahokia Water District is at the center of  Daycare Sexual Molestation Allegations and a civil suit filed in late-November 2015.

According to the Madison Record, Melba King Sanders was doing business as “Open Arms Daycare Center” in Cahokia when her son allegedly sexually molested a child in the Daycare’s care. Donnie Russell, Melba Sanders’ son, was charged and plead guilty to his actions. The allegations in a new lawsuit say that Sanders knew her son had committed similar acts previously and continued to put children in harm’s way.

These things are nothing new in Cahokia, where felons are on the Commonfields Water District board, and felons are hired and given extremely excessive salaries by the Village of Cahokia by the mayor who shut down the only food bank, preventing need families from feeding their children.
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  1. Guilty till proven Innocent. Which seems to be your mantra these days….I thought you believed in our Constitution and law.

    Not that you will publish this….It doesnt fit your framing of the story.