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April 12, 2024

Marshall Alderman Tim Sanders turns crybaby to Senator Dale Righter –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On June 20, 2016


In further efforts to keep those not agreeing with their positions in the dark on matters of public interest and on matters they are legally obligated to cast a vote on in their position as City Alderman, Tim Sanders decided to cry to Illinois State Senator Dale Righter because of what Alderman Warren LeFever said on Facebook.

Yes, Tim Sanders didn’t like a Facebook comment and tattled to a State Senator, almost as if he considered Righter his mommy or daddy or something else causing him to tattle-tale. I’m sure Dale Righter could care less what is posted on Facebook, but just the fact Tim Sanders complained to him about it says all you need to know about Tim Sanders.

Instead of championing the proposed Bill for how it mandates transparency by stating that all elected officials SHALL have access to recordings of the public body they are elected to, Tim Sanders apparently had his feelings hurt when Warren LeFever appeared before the House and Senate Committee Hearings on the Bill and spoke the unvarnished Truth on how things are running in Marshall, Illinois. We applaud Warren LeFever for his testimony.

Sanders should resign in shame for this act, and for his support of keeping Aldermen from committee meeting closed sessions, and trying to keep those closed session audio tapes from other Aldermen, who are required to vote without full knowledge of how the public’s business was conducted.

We previously wrote on how Tim Sanders admitted knowing an Alderman did not live in the City, but chose to attack LeFever for filing a lawsuit to oust her from her position as Alderman because she did not, and never did, live in the City of Marshall and could never hold that elected position without lying about where she actually lived. But Tim Sanders wanted to keep her as an Alderman…and nobody cried to a Senator over that one. Shows where his priorities are: keeping control at all costs, including election fraud and secrecy.

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  • Fed Up Citizen
    Posted at 09:35h, 20 June

    This reeks of an attempt of a whiny little democrat who got his feelings hurt to make himself and his daddy look like the victim. If you cannot take any kind of criticism as an opportunity to better your political representation of the public at large, GET OUT OF OFFICE. You do not represent the people. You only represent your STATUS.

  • Nellie
    Posted at 18:28h, 21 June

    So who cried to you mr righter

  • Warren J. Le Fever
    Posted at 20:28h, 03 July

    This all became laughable after Governor signed HB4630. The moral to the story is that Radar (a nickname planted on him at a council meeting)shouldn’t go thinking he would have any effect on a Senator who is a co-sponsor of HB4630. We would never have known about this if Mayor Sanders’ office manager hadn’t file a cross request to all aldermen asking for their e-mails to member of the State legislature. There’s a moral to that story, too.