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April 12, 2024

College of DuPage – Trustee McGuire accreditation scuttling efforts with HLC – Part III

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On June 7, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –

The grand finale- Part III (Part I and Part II )-

  • “I would be most uncomfortable expressing any sort of opinion at a retreat.”

Seriously?  The very woman who has NEVER been shy of expressing her opinion to the local paper or attacking her fellow Board members at meetings now claims she would be uncomfortable expressing any sort of opinion?  LOL!

  • “The new president was just appointed on a 4-3 vote this week”

Another lie by McGuire.  Erin Birt abstained and that means her abstention carries with the majority.  Under Prosser v. Village of Fox Lake, you can’t show up to be part of a quorum, vote “present,” and have your vote count as a “no.”  The appointment under Prosser, if ever challenged, is properly tallied as a 7-0 vote, which again shows she has no clue what she is talking about, let alone voting on.

  • “The candidate who was chosen, in my opinion, most likely also has personal and professional ties to William Hay, our search firm CEO”

A perfect example as to why McGuire has been shunned by so many in her own local political environment.  She makes statements insinuating things when she has no evidence to support such a claim. We challenge her to share what basis there is for her “opinion”.  And if that was even true, why did she never challenge Rondeau about it face to face?  Maybe because Rondeau, as a Navy Vice Admiral 3-star, knows all about the behavior of rats on a sinking ship.

  • “she was described to the press as an out-of-state candidate”

Did she reside in Illinois?  I believe the answer is NO, thus she is an out-of-state candidate.  However, we must ask, what does a person’s residence have to do with their qualifications for the position?

  • “We’ve had seven professional service providers appointed by the Board in the past twelve months, all with questionable ties to the Clean Slate trustees or our former Chair, Kathy  Hamilton.”

Let’s keep this simple.  Prove it Ms. McGuire!

  • “The lawsuits are still playing out; the expenses related to the firing of the three administrators are now very close to $5,000,000″

Another lie by McGuire!  Prove it Ms. McGuire!

  • “Next year’s budget will be $11,000,000 short on revenue to meet expenses, something we never saw in the past.”

Drum roll please!  The reason for a shortage of revenue is conveniently left out by McGuire.  The fault of this revenue shortage lies with Mike Madigan, her friend who is in control of that process in the Illinois House of Representatives.  And for all those that want to blame the governor, explain why even the Senate rejected Madigan’s out of balance budget.  Had the state paid their portion there would be no shortage, yet she once again manipulates the facts to insinuate this shortage is somehow the fault of the Reform trustees!

  • “As I said at the end of my November correspondence, the underlying dynamics on the Board, centered on mistrust and a profound difference of opinion with regard to the “corruption” on campus, seem impenetrable.”

She speaks to mistrust of the board members.  Who in their right mind would trust this woman (who can’t keep her own facts straight for more than a few days or a month) with anything of substance?  Perhaps if she browsed our website again, the information throughout it can explain why no one trusts Ms. McGuire.  Also, since when is a difference of opinion about an issue grounds for “mistrust”?  Does that mean she refuses to trust anyone who disagrees with her?  If so, she should, again, resign.

  • “Their manufactured crisis has produced no indictments and a clean audit for 2015.”

I guess she missed the February 2015 Chicago Tribune article titled: “Ex-College of DuPage radio engineer charged with felony theft”

As far as the clean audit, so too was the Dixon, IL audit clean, all while $54 million dollars was stolen from the taxpayers.

  • “Although some have described these differences as “bickering” they are fundamentally about fairness, justice and transparency.”

Fairness, justice and transparency?  Is She serious?

What is fair, Trustee McGuire—coming to the table and discussing ideas on the merits, or ignoring the will of the people who hated the job you were doing, and tried to fix it?

What is just, Trustee McGuire—making false accusations about people based not on evidence but your emotional feels in a forum where they do not have a chance to respond?

What is transparent, Trustee McGuire, about you colluding in secret with the Breuder holdovers to boycott, steal College documents, and make false statements to the HLC to harm the College?

As is evident once again, rogue COD Trustee Diane McGuire is the problem!
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  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 23:13h, 07 June

    The Pieter Principle: dishonest to her highest level of incompetent illusion creation.

  • CC
    Posted at 08:50h, 08 June

    loyal dd has been tasked with “scuttling the ship” so that the “enemy” will not benefit from it. It is just politics, right Diane? You can’t back down in an election cycle. There is nothing that can be gained by talking to her, so talk to her bosses if you don’t like what she is doing-Bob, Mike, Tom Cullerton-do you have anything to say about it? Anything other than private words of encouragement for her?

  • CC
    Posted at 09:17h, 08 June

    That reminds me-it was obvious to me that the dems choice for COD president was the guy from Elgin-with 3 or was it 4 people that election evening speaking on his behalf. Boss Bob was there too. The only reason there was a break in the scuttling efforts was based on their hope that said Elgin guy would be voted in. Needless to say, I was glad to see that Rondeau was chosen.

  • David
    Posted at 10:40h, 08 June

    Trustee Dianne McGuire can send off all the letters that she wants to the HLC but I do not think she will have any impact. Case in point is the fact that Lazaro Lopez appointed David Olsen to the vacant trustee spot; completely ignoring letters from Birt, McGuire, & Wozniak. I think by now the HLC is aware that Trustee McGuire is doing anything & everything to actually stop COD from getting off probation. Trustee McGuire will be elected out of office in 10 months.

  • Chris Robling
    Posted at 11:41h, 10 June

    If language in Trustee McGuire’s letter, as presented here, is redacted to preserve the Board’s attorney-client privilege, then, are we to understand that the same language, unredacted, was disclosed to HLC?

    If that is the case, then, by what action of the COD Board did Trustee McGuire disclose to HLC that which is now redacted?

    Did Trustee McGuire seek and receive a Board vote authorizing her to make these disclosures of privileged information to HLC?

    If so, when was that action noticed up? When was that vote taken? Who voted? How did they vote?, etc.

    If not, then, is Trustee McGuire again breaking both board rules and common sense by disclosing privileged information without authority to do so?

    Since this is a recurring practice of Trustee McGuire’s, of which at least three and probably six trustees are aware, might COD’s Board, which has a significant interest in upholding the confidentiality of its privileged information as fiduciaries of the residents, voters, taxpayers, students, employees, etc., be well advised to seek to enjoin Trustee McGuire from further unauthorized disclosures of privileged information through a suit in equity?

    At least doing so would convey to Trustee McGuire that upholding institutional confidentiality is a responsibility of her office, not a whimsical fancy to be upheld one day and ignored the next. It would also cause her to consider facing the judge who enjoins here should she do so again, which one supposes, would cause her to respect her position and the interests of her constituents with greater fealty.