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Watchdogs sue Shirley Madigan’s Illinois Arts Council Agency for Public Records –

Edgar Co. (ECWd) –

May 9th, 2016, the Edgar County Watchdogs, filed suit against the Illinois Arts Council Agency for allegedly violating the Freedom Of Information Act.  This state agency is under the leadership of Shirley Madigan, who is listed as their Chair on the state web-site regarding appointments to that agency, found here, and has reportedly been on their Board since 1976.

A simple request for public records was sent to the IACA, requesting such things as copies of reimbursements for their board members and the names and compensation of all their employees. The IACA failed to answer the request within the mandated time-frame to answer FOIAs, and even when it did answer, did not provide the requested information.

The case was filed in Edgar County Circuit Court and is being handled by Liberty Justice Center. 

“All too often, government bodies in Illinois show contempt for the citizens they’re supposed to serve by disregarding their legal duties under the Freedom of Information Act. That’s what Shirley Madigan and the Illinois Arts Agency Council did when the Edgar County Watchdogs made a simple request for records showing how the agency is using taxpayers’ money. We’ve brought this lawsuit to make the agency follow the law and bring this information to light.” James McQuaid – Liberty Justice Center.

Supporting documents:
Shirley Madigan’s Statements of Economic Interest (here).
Illinois Arts Council Agency FOIA Response 1 (here).
Partially redacted FOIA response (here).
Illinois Arts Council August 2014 Meeting Minutes (here).

A full copy of the complaint can be found below.



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  1. Just put a couple puppets in the office and you will save a lot of money and get the same results. Seems like a nice cozy family affair to me.

  2. I had a FOIA into Jesse White a few years back where there were obvious back dated docs after the deadlines were missed. Lisa Madigans office spent more time covering up the crime than investigating. It would be funny if fiction, but it’s not.

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