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May 19, 2024

Franklin County Public Hospital Terminates CEO Contract, adjusts Public Comment Policy –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 25, 2016


During this week’s Franklin County Public Hospital Board of Director’s meeting, as reported by the Frankfort American, the Franklin County Public Hospital district has voted to terminate the contract of its Chief Executive Officer, Hervey Davis.

Frankfort American: “The Franklin Hospital Board voted 4-3 tonight to terminate the contract of hospital CEO Hervey Davis, effective Aug. 31. Two board members were absent from the meeting. Following the vote, Davis told the board that his contract requires a majority vote of the full board to terminate. Hospital Board Attorney Edwina Warner did not have a copy of the contract with her, and Davis would not produce one. Warner said she would have to review the contract to determine whether or not the vote stands. The meeting was adjourned without a resolution.” (here)

After reviewing the Public Hospital District Law, we found no provision requiring a “majority vote of the full board” on personnel contracts, and any suggestion his contract requires it is invalid and contrary to law. Other provisions of the Hospital District Law do required various vote majorities of the full board, but personnel contracts do not. We believe this 4-3 vote is valid and will withstand scrutiny.

In another action of the Board, they adjusted their Public Comment Policy to eliminate their previous provisions of not allowing the public to address concerns about employees and board members by name. I talked about that issue during public comment at the last meeting we attended, and informed them their policy violated the Open Meetings Act and the First Amendment.

We are working on obtaining the video recording of this meeting and will post it here if we can get a copy.




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