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May 20, 2024

College of DuPage – New President Signs 3 Year Contract

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On May 4, 2016

DuPage Co. (ECWd) – 

Dr. Ann E. Rondeau signed her three-year contract the day after the College of DuPage Board of Trustees voted on her selection as the new leader of COD.  The vote for her selection was actually 5-0 however the local media failed to properly report those results.  Former Chairman Erin Birt voted to abstain for reasons she explained, however, an abstention carries with the majority, thus her vote counts as a yes vote.  Although some may consider this trivial, it is not.  The Higher Learning Commission had taken issue with the voting record being split 4:3 so we believe it is important to report the actual result, which was 5:0, thus a unanimous vote among those voting.

Reviewing the contract we must say it is refreshing to see this contract when compared to so many other public sector contracts that are costing taxpayers a fortune in unneeded perks. Vice Admiral Rondeau appears to understand the meaning of public service as her acceptance of this contract is a major savings to the taxpayers of District 502.

No frills, no car, no housing, no respite leave, and note in particular that severance is capped at 75% of base salary. This contract is clean, clear, and transparent, unlike what Breuder had where it took serious analysis to figure out what was actually being provided and its worth.  Also note, no laws are violated in the new contract, unlike Breuders contracts that contained language giving the board permission to take action in closed session.  That fact alone speaks volumes about the new board leadership voted in office last year.

This contract, and it’s acceptance, clearly points to reforms being the future for COD.  We would like to thank all those responsible for getting COD to this point as it could not have been accomplished without the efforts of so many.

President Rondeau, we welcome you to your new base and are encouraged that some Military discipline will be a part of COD’s future.  

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  • G. Barraclough
    Posted at 11:37h, 04 May

    It’s great to see a REAL flag officer at the helm of COD as opposed to that faux general (in his mind only) Bob Breuder.

    Admiral Rondeau will certainly understand the chain of command and that she reports and is accountable directly to the Board of Trustees. She will also know how to conduct herself in a civil and businesslike manner in public.

    Unlike Joe Collins who liked to argue with the board chairman in public and act like an immature
    adolescent during public board meetings.

    • Vic Barnhill
      Posted at 13:22h, 04 May

      Joe colllins charged more then Bruder and was in charge of the radio station and the waterleaf.

  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 11:48h, 04 May

    Thanks begin with enormously brave Kathy Hamilton, then Adam Andrzejewski, the Edgar County Watchdogs, the taxpayers who campaigned for justice, taxpayer rights and stayed informed. Then the Clean Slate who took all the definitive steps to bring us to this day. Although it is with anger that we must recognize we have been robbed through criminal activity of elected officials there is also satisfaction and vindication that with enough effort, we can stop these criminals. Our next battle is recovery and punishment. And we will now be in a battle to force Berlin to do his job. However, if he is intelligent enough, he will understand his future depends upon his performance. But then, we have learned far to often, “honest official” is an oxymoron, emphasis on moron.

  • Vic Barnhill
    Posted at 13:19h, 04 May

    Where is your story about Lynn Sapyta being cleared. Can’t admit you are wrong.

    • David
      Posted at 15:29h, 04 May

      COD attorneys are going to appeal the decision. Even the judge stated that Saptya did not follow recommended accounting practices.

  • SCahill
    Posted at 08:15h, 05 May

    As a retired vice admiral, isn’t she already receiving a nice, publicly funded pension? So her salary at COD is incremental to monthly funds she is already receiving. She probably could afford to take an even lower salary.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 09:22h, 05 May

      SCahill: What makes you think that since she placed her life on the line for more than 20 years, she deserves any less pay that what she is worth at the time of employment? I might agree with you had she retired from this community college, or if she retired from a city and landed another job with the same city or with the same retirement system, but these are two completely different retirement systems – with one of them being military retirement – which is worth very little compared to what it takes to receive it. Yes, I am biased as I receive military retirement also.