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May 18, 2024

Clark County Park District – FSG Painters can’t figure out what’s wrong –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On May 4, 2016


As we have stated previously on the issue (here) with the Clark County Park District and the “free painting” claimed by the park district’s director, Charity Murphy – who still doesn’t, as far as we know, live within the district boundaries as required by park district policy.

Farm Services Group Painters, from West Terre Haute, Indiana, sent a letter to Charity Murphy signed by Clifford Allison, in which they made some uneducated statements about what is really happening with the “free painting” provided to the park district.

May we suggest they ask Charity Murphy why she spent months lying to the public – which is what is at the root of this issue. It has nothing to do with the painting, and everything to do with the false statements, which changed as time went by, by Charity Murphy to the Board of Commissioners and to the public.

Buying Murphy’s hype about “a few disgruntled individuals with nothing more than an axe to grind” make us think they have not been told the real truth to this issue.

Another statement made by FSG was “it is important that they [commissioners] know the negativity of a few is impacting the desire to want to give back...” – and it again makes it clear they have not been given the truth by Murphy as to what the actual issue is – her false statements.

Finally, FSG says they “have no idea who initiated this frivolous claim for an investigation but it is doing nothing but taking away from the efforts of Mill Creek” – again, we ask that they seek the answer from Charity Murphy, as her false statements from the beginning are what this issue is about, not the painting, but the lies surrounding the painting that keep changing when new information is discovered.

To FSG Painting: Please collect all the facts before writing any more letters to the very person who is responsible for this conflict – and remember, if Murphy would simply be truthful, and follow the law, she wouldn’t be wasting her time on “negative crap.”






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  • Lisa Nickie Thomas
    Posted at 06:34h, 05 May

    Asking to be reimbursed for labor costs in free services is NOT VOLUNTEER WORK.

  • Jim
    Posted at 08:59h, 05 May

    wonder if the IRS knows about this back door deal

    • Lisa N. Thomas
      Posted at 10:26h, 05 May

      There was NOT a 1099 issued to FSG from the park district. Nor was it recorded on their books.

  • Dave
    Posted at 09:47h, 05 May

    Is it Clark county or Cook county?