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Tinley Park Trustee T.J. Grady Calls Citizen a ‘Dick’ at Village Board Meeting (video) –


During the April 5, 2016, Tinley Park City Council meeting, Trustee T.J. Grady decided he didn’t like the comments from a person speaking during the allotted public comment time.

A citizen was commenting and asking questions in an attempt at figuring out which board members hired which city employees.

T.J. Grady took offense at his comment and called him a “D*CK” as he was leaving the microphone – too spineless to say that when he was still at the microphone.

This came after the Mayor made combative comments a few minutes prior.

What a sorry excuse for a Trustee who can’t even listen to people speak for a couple minutes during public comment time.

T.J. Grady you should have already resigned if you cannot handle criticism.

Contact him here: – (708) 444-5000

Watch the video below:

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T.J. Grady

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