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March 4, 2024

College of DuPage Trustee McGuire attacks presidential candidates during public comment –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 21, 2016

College of DuPage (ECWd) –

Trustee McGuire surprised no one when she took to trashing two of the presidential candidates during public comment session.

She even claimed membership in the same organizations are conflicts, while she failed to mention her own, and Wozniak’s prior communications with the third candidate during their ICCTA functions. Funny how that works out!

The question, and damning truth, is how can McGuire even think of commenting about the candidates when she refused to participate in the selection process and refused to attend meetings where the three final candidates were interviewed.

Board Chairman Mazzochi challenged McGuires’s comments in a professional and thorough manner.

Watch the video below – be patient . . . YouTube is correcting the orientation…

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  • Jerry
    Posted at 20:31h, 21 April

    Is trustee McGuire really a member of the Union League Club?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 20:59h, 21 April

      I don’t think so – she was talking about other trustees

  • SafeLibraries
    Posted at 23:11h, 21 April

    Wow! For the first speaker, wow in a bad way. For the second speaker, wow in a good way.

  • Jon
    Posted at 07:48h, 22 April

    I believe Ms McGuire should strongly consider resigning. She has always defended all the shenanigans that went on at the college. She is either defending the former President or has a guilt issue allowing it to happen on her watch.
    I’m wondering if she upset that the free dinners and drink or no longer a perk. Did the college send her a 1099 and did she claimed it on her taxes being a honest servant to the college????

  • eWorth
    Posted at 16:16h, 22 April

    Mazzochi Elliott and Olsen must be sighing inside, “you can’t fix stupid.”

  • Chris Robling
    Posted at 11:50h, 27 April

    Trustee McGuire has decided, for whatever reason, to go down on the Breuder ship.

    She clings to the highest mast, the body of the ship already submerged, yelling to passersby, “This vessel is seaworthy, i insist it is so!” Soon (next April, at the seating of the next board), the mast will be pulled below, and with it she will go — politically — and from her no more will be heard, as a new SS COD, commissioned and gleaming, will restart its voyage, carrying all who desire distinguished academic and vocational preparation, leaving behind all who sailed under a flag of convenience, neglecting the mission of the institution they had pledged to support.

    In other words, Trustee McGuire is a nit-wit.

    Anyone who actually does not understand that a Ph.D., D.Ed., D.Pharm., J.D., M.D., and D.Phil., etc., are all TERMINAL degrees in their respective fields, and thus EQUIVALENT in the eyes of the Academy, the marketplace, the job market, and the world at large HAS NO BUSINESS PICKING A NEW COD PRESIDENT. This is nincompoopery of the First Degree.

    Secondly, Trustee McGuire also absurdly clings to “asked and answered” objections about Hay and Company, the search firm that generated more than 300 applications for COD at the worst moment in its history.

    To review the bidding, Hay and Company is a broadly recognized high-end boutique provider of specialty searches for discriminating clients in industry and government. It has been operating for some 30 years from its Chicago base. It has a list of susccessful searches as long, or longer, as either of the good Trustee’s arms.

    More to the point, Hay and Company was one of some 50-plus organizations contacted by COD’s PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT. Like about twenty of those, they replied. Of those twenty or so, THREE submitted proposals. Of those THREE, TWO were interviewed, and the THIRD withdrew, perhaps because of badgering by Trustee McGuire.

    The citizen’s committee interviewed the TWO FIRMS, and it recommended one of them to the Board. The Board, in its wisdom, approved the Committee’s recommendation, IF the FIRM added to its reach in the academic realm. What did Hay and Company do? It hired an academic recruitment specialist, from Denver, who was in turn found to be appropriate by both the Board and the Citizen’s Committee.

    So, how does this entire process, from the 50 or so originally contacted, to the one selected with Board insistence of additional support, reduce to untoward influence? To this question, Trustee McGuire has no reply. Obviously, there is none.

    But she replays the record like a tennybopper enjoying her first favorite tune.

    Final word — about the Citizen’s Committee. Who in their right mind will volunteer the next time COD needs community volunteers and input, if they see Trustee McGuire’s vicious and baseless attacks? On what principle can the District 502 generalize from the Trustee’s behavior?

    I am afraid it is impossible to do so. She has set a nadir of ungraciousness that ill-serves the search, the deliberations, the school, the selectee, the Board of which she is a part and worst of all the district she took an oath to serve. It is axiomatic that she should resign.

    If you generalize the Trustee’s behavior, then you create a Board of untruths, misstatements, misrepresentations, political grandstanding, personal attacks, petty viciousness and deceit.

    Perhaps that’s why Trustee McGuire clings to the Breuder mast and declares his ship has no leaks.

  • CC
    Posted at 12:27h, 27 April

    Dianne McGuire is an embarrassment to womankind.