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May 20, 2024

Untrue Headline on front of Prairie Press today –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 17, 2016


With this week’s edition of the PP looking like a gigantic sob-fest after election results came in, it is no wonder a completely untrue article headline occurred on its front page, below the fold.

FalseTitleLOL. What a joke!

I called the State Board of Elections and asked them about this alleged complaint. They stated that no such complaint was filed by Acklin against Halbrook.

Acklin did, however, file a complaint against the Liberty Principles PAC – but that wouldn’t have been a very sexy title.

The Liberty Principles PAC came out for some candidates and against some candidates this election cycle. Their activities are protectd by law.

The Halbrook campaign had nothing to do with anything the PAC was producing and did not coordinate with them in any way.

See WCIA-3’s article on this with video:

In their article, the PP quotes Acklin as saying the complaint was not an attempt at swaying the election. If that were the case, why would he file it the day before the election – and notify as many news outlets as he could find? We know they didn’t just happen to find out all on their own.

The PP also talks about a similar complaint filed by Jonathan Kaye – but failed to mention it was thrown out with a unanimous vote of 7-0 (see our article here). So that complaint, on Monday of this week, in plenty of time to reflect in their article, was tossed by the State Board of Elections as not a valid complaint, and nothing illegal happened.

For our local readers, we will publish at a later date, all of the vile, lying, offensive robocalls produced by the Acklin campaign and targeting mainly the Champaign, Douglas, and Shelby County areas.

Once hearing them you will never again congratulate Acklin on running a so-called “clean” campaign.

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