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April 18, 2024

Danville Election Commission refuses to deliver Ballots –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On March 15, 2016


Frank Wright, the Democrat Party Chairman in Vermilion County, Illinois has reported that an election judge at the Danville Boys and Girls Club called the Danville Election Commission earlier today to let them know she was running out of Democrat Ballots.

She called twice without any action to deliver more ballots.

The third time, the Election Commission hung up on her, refusing to talk.

The Election Judge then decided the only thing she could do was to photocopy the ballots on small paper so the voters could at least cast a ballot.

The Election Judge is filing a grievance.

Will Nesbitt is the Director of the Danville Election Commission who failed to act.
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  • Citizen Kane
    Posted at 23:42h, 15 March

    Don’t know what the law says about that, but heard other precincts – nationwide in past weeks – having addl. ballots delivered due to heavy turnout If IL law allows delivery of addl. ballots – which I would hope it does – this Director should be charged. Democrat or Republican or whatever – no one should interfere with a fair election process and abridge the right of citizens to cast their vote / ballot.

  • ProgMid
    Posted at 04:25h, 16 March

    GOP election officials in Danville IL refused to provide polling place with extra Dem ballots after they ran out:

  • Theodore Hartke
    Posted at 12:03h, 16 March

    I heard there was also a person from Rankin area who was allowed to vote even though he does not live there. This would be the same as me going back to Vermilion County and voting even though I don’t live in our abandoned house in the wind farm anymore. At the previous election, Mike Marron’s wife was an election judge working at the time I voted in Pilot Twp, and she KNOWS we abandoned our house. I was still living in the mobile home at the time, but had not changed my voter registration. The lady at the judges table said, “Well, we know you personally, and you still own your abandoned house, so it’s OK.” (Brandy was present during this conversation.) I didn’t feel I had an ethical problem because I made it clearly known to all of the election judges present and made sure the ballot and officials I voted on were exactly the same since I had only moved 8 miles to live in the mobile home temporarily and never changed my address with anyone. SINCE I STILL OWN MY OLD HO– USE which was the same exact reason they let me vote last time, it should definitely eliminate me from being eligible to vote there. I should look up to see if my name was still on their registration list in Vermilion County. If so, I should demand to have them return my voter’s registration card back to me so that my name is not associated with fraud or whatever disaster occurs in the election office.