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Appellate Court Decision – Kraft v. Arcola Twp –


The decisions in Kraft v. Arcola Township, in which four cases were appealed out of Douglas County Circuit Court, were decided on March 17, 2016.

The short answer is that the circuit court decisions were upheld and it was not a precedent-setting case.

You can read the decision below.

To me, this had absolutely nothing to do with whether or not I submitted a request for public records or whether or not Arcola Township actually provided the records pursuant to the FOIA request. I know I submitted the request and I know they did not provide the requested records.

The loss, in the end, was all about the procedural process in the court system, and not so much about whether FOIA was violated or complied with.

It does not mean Arcola Township was right in their actions, it means they spent a lot of money keeping public records from the public, and succeeded for now.

I will continue seeking those records improperly denied.

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  1. Send them new foias the way the court says to if they don’t respond then we will confirm they have something to hide. Please don’t go away after all Petty did say you would not ever see any off this information makes you wonder how deep he is

  2. Petty sure is spending a lot of tax payer money,not his, not to get out of responding to your FOIA requests. Arcola must have awfully deep pockets.

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