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April 15, 2024

Edgar Co. Board’s Heltsley utterly useless spending and diminished services –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On February 7, 2016


In our final responsive dispatch to Mike Heltsley’s wild-eyed, angry letter to the “editor”:

“A prime example was John Kraft picking on Dan Bruner’s short speech of the positive things the Edgar County Board has done…”

Isn’t that special, one of the items Mr. Bruner claimed the County Board accomplished last year (in 2015) was approving, or finishing, the Deputy contract. That was not accurate. The Prairie Press itself proved Mr. Bruner’s speech to be inaccurate – in the same paper Heltsley’s letter is in – and on the cover page.

Prairie Press, Page 1 (January 28, 2016):  “The board approved a two-year contract with patrol officers during the January 13 meeting...”

What a coincidence! So it didn’t happen in 2015 like he said it did.

Heltsley then talks about the “Watch Dogs” (that’s right, he doesn’t know how to spell it) getting their candidates seated on the county board and various committees we will have control.  What he fails to tell you is that we, the Watchdogs, do not have any candidates, do not endorse any candidates, and therefore it would be impossible for us to take control of any board or committee.

Finally, he mentions utterly useless spending and scaled back public services, as if we are the cause for any of it. Like any other lying dirtbag, he blames his problems on others when he should simply look in the mirror.

Any “utterly useless spending” is because the board violates state law and gets called out on it. Ask yourself this question: Why would a taxpaying resident have to take the county to court to find out what statute the airport is operating under? Was it that much of a secret? That is a prime example of the county’s utterly useless spending, and Heltsley goes along with it like a good ole boy following the herd off the cliff.

The only scaled back “public service” that we are aware of is when we stopped the free oil and chip driveways given to various “good ole boys” in the county, using taxpayer funds.

There you have it…until his next “letter”.

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  • Danni Smith
    Posted at 07:47h, 07 February

    There you have it, Heltsley-tell us about the free stuff I paid for with my tax dollars and then tell me about the free stuff you paid for me with your tax dollars. Betcha’ you can’t. Prove you paid for everything and that it was not done while on the taxpayer’s clock. Then we will move onto the double dipping of these county employees and who allow, permitted and/or authorized it, with some kickback, not.

  • Ed
    Posted at 09:03h, 07 February

    Heltsley didn’t misspell “Watch Dogs”, the person at Prairie Press who edited his letter did. Yes I believe those are his words and thoughts but it’s quite obvious the letter was edited as to not make Heltsley look too stupid. The Good Ole Boy is no English major. Give us more Heltsley stories, this is too entertaining.