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June 15, 2024

College of DuPage – Trustee McGuire can’t remember what she does –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On January 13, 2016

College of DuPage (ECWd) –

In today’s Chicago Tribune article on the upcoming January 14th COD meetings, Trustee McGuire is quoted as saying:

A second special meeting, 30 minutes earlier, is completely unnecessary, especially for a single agenda item which could easily have been accommodated within our agenda,” McGuire said. “Once again, political grandstanding at the expense of the college.”

She must have forgotten what she sent in an earlier email to Chairman Mazzochi:

From: McGuire, Dianne <bot‐[email protected]>

. . . No agenda planning meeting is necessary because the agenda is already set.  This is the same agenda for the special meeting that had been called for January 7th. Any attempt to alter the agenda for the special meeting will be a violation of the Community College Act. . .

. . . I again request your immediate confirmation that you will in no way attempt to modify the agenda, . . .

Please email her and remind her of what she said in that email.

In addition, following board policy and setting the agenda for the meeting is not a violation of the Community College Act.  It is a duty of the Acting Chairman.  If she thinks it is a violation of the law then she should file a complaint with the States Attorney or file a request for a judicial review by the courts.

According to Acting Chairman Mazzochi, the following statement was provided locally to the media after McGuire’s stunt.

“I spoke with Dianne McGuire via phone at ~ 8:56 am, asking her to add the State’s Attorney agenda item and one other. She informed me that she needed to talk to Erin first. Dianne returned my call at 9:53 am, stating that she was refusing to add it to the Agenda. Below is the email I sent her almost immediately after I received the State’s Attorney letter asking her to reconsider. I never received any response. Hope that clarifies things.”

From: Trustee Mazzochi
Sent: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 12:51 PM
To: McGuire, Dianne
Subject: State’s Attorney letter

Dear Dianne:
Now that you have seen the letter, please advise as to whether we can agree this item should be included on the 7:00 agenda. I have about 30 minutes before Mary Ann gets things bound.

Another note of intereset is the fact the three circus clowns failed to comply with COD policy in regards to their agenda.  How convenient it’s OK for them to violate board policy yet anyone else doing gets chastised  by McGuire.

The McGuire Agenda is missing this little note of importance:

FINAL AGENDA SUBMITTED AND POSTED pursuant to Board Policy No. 5-130 and
Administrative Policy No. 15-205.

Of additional concern with the games these three are playing is the fact the Student Trustee has been missing from these meetings as well.  She too has an obligation to the students and if her absence is tied to the three who continue to violate the law, she too should step down for not doing her duly elected duties.

One thing we have always said, is that when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you last said. McGuire is having problems remembering what she said, and to whom, unless she thinks everyone will believe what she says, no matter how untruthful it is.

To tell the Tribune and others there was no need for an additional meeting because that item could have been added to their agenda, while also threatening the Board Chairman to “not in any way modify the agenda”, shows how far off the deep end these three rogue trustees have fallen.

The sad thing is, McGuire and Birt are pulling Wozniak down with them, and he doesn’t even know it.

And to make matters worse, if that is possible, we see more lies being published regarding these three circus clowns.  This evening the Daily Herald reported, “Three College of DuPage trustees say they are considering boycotting the meeting they called for Thursday because they believe other trustees on the fiercely divided board have again interfered with their agenda.”

Their agenda is exactly as they prepared so for these people to make such a claim once again points to nothing more than a desperate need for attention and publicity.  For McGuire to claim she was an educator one can only wonder what this woman taught the kids in her classroom.   The message she is sending thousands by her actions is not anything I want my kids learning.

15 months and they will be replaced by duly elected adults!

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  • Jerry V
    Posted at 23:27h, 13 January Reply

    this email listed above doesn’t seem to work

    Technical details of permanent failure:
    local-part of envelope contains utf8 but remote server did not offer SMTPUTF8

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 06:57h, 14 January Reply

      Did you use [email protected] ?

      Maybe they are censoring emails again – they have a good track record of email censorship in the recent past.

  • Chris M. Gaines
    Posted at 09:44h, 14 January Reply

    More games and drama from all involved apparently. Will it be 15 months more of this? If so, I suspect most people will get disinterested in all this drama and move on to more important issues hopefully. It sells newspapers is why mainstream media promotes it and prints this drama. It feeds the egos of most the others involved. What’s your excuse for perpetuating it? End it. Move on, please.

    Children act this way, not adults.This is more like a never-ending soap opera of characters calling each others names than responsible adults on an elected college board operating in the best interest of the students, teachers, staff and citizens of this District obviously. How about We the People boycott ALL the drama and pay more attention to ending it and moving forward then feeding it any longer.

    Consider simply ignoring this drama and game play and not feeding it any further with your attention, please. It’s a waste of resources and everybody’s time obviously. Move forward. Thanks. Have a nice day.

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