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May 24, 2024

Auditor General Frank Mautino – Will expenditures for gas and repairs top a Quarter Million Dollars?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On January 26, 2016

Illinois (ECWd) –

We greatly appreciate all the different news agencies referencing the $213,338.31 gas and repair figure we reported on originally, but it appears many missed part of our statement in that report.

“The record below, beginning with page 16, reflects gas purchases totaling $20,914.20 and gas/repairs totaling  $192,424.11 for a grand total of $213,338.31, all spent from his campaign fund.  It’s even more if you start with page 1.”

If you go back to the very first entry shown on page 1 of the State Board of elections reporting documents, Mautino has spent just short of a Quarter Million dollars on gas and vehicle repairs since 1999.  There are 478 individual entries totaling $247,367.22.

We understand on the grand scale of things the extra $34,028.91 not being talked about may not be that big of a deal, however, most could find a pretty nice car for that amount with great mileage and a warranty to go along with it. 

I will speculate that the actual expenditures will top over a Quarter Million dollars to Happy’s Super Service based on the fact the electronic record only goes back to 1999.  Considering Mautino first took office in 1991, chances are he spent at least another $3K at his favorite mechanics shop.

Capital fax reported Mautino claimed “they weren’t necessarily his cars, Mautino said, but were owned by people who did campaign work.”

We would love to report that such a claim is true and there is absolutely nothing wrong with his gas and repair expenditures.  However, in order to do so, he must release all of the records to support his only response to the questions being raised state wide.

Silence speaks volumes!

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