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April 12, 2024

NIU President’s On-going OEIG Investigation – Part 2 –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On November 8, 2015

DeKalb, IL. (ECWd) –
In our last article on NIU’s legal fees for the ongoing OEIG (Office of the Executive Inspector General) investigation on Pres. Baker, we identified two different legal firms are performing legal services. The first legal firm, Mintz Levin, was hired by Pres. Baker and its fees are being paid by NIU. The second legal firm, Drinker Biddle, was hired by the Board of Trustees and NIU, whose invoices are being sent directly to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.
In a memorandum from John Butler, board chair at the time of the memorandum, to Pres. Baker, the board chair wrote about the broad parameters of the OEIG investigation. An invoice from Pres. Baker’s legal representation firm, Mintz Levin, for work performed during June 2015 provides some insight into the broad nature of the OEIG investigation.
On page 7 of doctor’s Baker’s contract with Mintz Levin (see contract posted on May 23 article), the charge for printing is $.15 per page. On page five of Mintz Levin’s invoice for work performed in June 2015 is a charge of $5,509.50 for printing of OEIG documents from disk. $5,509.50 divided by $0.15 per page equals 36,730 pages printed. This amount of pages is consistent with the number of boxes produced that are detailed on page five of Mintz Levin’s invoice for hours performed during May 2015. On May 26, 2015, there is a reference to documents contained in boxes three and four. Box four is mentioned again on May 27, 2015. On May 28, 2015, a box five is mentioned.
A box of printer paper contains ten reams of paper, and each ream contains 500 pages of paper. The total pages contained in a box of printer paper is 5,000 pages. It is likely that the boxes referenced in the May 2015 invoice are the 36,730 pages printed for the OEIG documents contained on the disk. It does seem like it is a very broad review.
Our next article will focus on the total cost for external law firms for this OEIG investigation.
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