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April 16, 2024

Herricane Graphics -Carla Burkhart- In her own words!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 12, 2015

DuPgae Co. (ECWd) –
In an ongoing FOIA production from the College of DuPage relating to e-mails to and from Carla Burkhart’s e-mail accounts used for Herricane Graphics, we have come across a noteworthy e-mail addressed to Tom Glaser, former Executive VP and Treasure at COD.
Noteworthy because the most basic foundational principal in this state, as it relates to use of public funds, is that it is the public’s business.
So foundational that it is part of our State Constitution and the very first section regarding finances!

(a) Public funds, property or credit shall be used only
for public purposes.
(b) The State, units of local government and school
districts shall incur obligations for payment or make
payments from public funds only as authorized by law or
(c) Reports and records of the obligation, receipt and
use of public funds of the State, units of local government and school districts are public records available for inspection by the public according to law.

My first FOIA for this information resulted in a denial. however. the same FOIA after the new board took office resulted in the ongoing rolling production of records.  Now I know why Breuder and others didn’t want this information out.

September 23, 2014, Carla Burkhart advice’s Tom Glaser she will not ‘accept’ any more work at COD. Is it out of line to wonder how one is in a position to ‘accept’ work at COD versus compete for it?

Another interesting statement is that she made this decision before a recent Forbes post that was brought to her attention by her own children, “whom proceeded  to ask me if I was going to jail?” 

The 2nd to last paragraph of the e-mail is probably the most telling as it relates to COD Foundation Member Carla Burkhart and her company Herricane Graphics.  The quote points to a position of arrogance and total disconnect as to what it means to perform work for a public body.

After referring to anonymous calls from media wanting information on Breuder and COD she instructed her staff to respond to no one and then says:

“It’s none of anyone’s business what we do for COD”



It’s everyone’s business what you do for COD and is outlined in our own Constitution! 

Email can be downloaded at this link.


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  • Philo Beddoe
    Posted at 12:56h, 12 November

    yep. Mommy needs to occupy the cell next to Brueder.

  • Robert Anderson
    Posted at 12:47h, 13 November

    You people are disgusting. Why don’t you leave this poor women alone. She did not do anything wrong. You and Kathy Hamilton have lied to the public and cost us taxpayers millions of dollars. Quite lying and dogs go home and cause trouble in your own community.
    oh I forgot, Kathy wont pay you to work in Edgar County.
    Dogs go home.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 11:12h, 15 November

      Robert what is disgusting is the number of foundation board members that received no bid contracts and put close to a million dollars in their pocket on two contracts that were worth less than $200,000.00

      • Robert Anderson
        Posted at 11:24h, 16 November

        Maybe you should get your facts straight, because that is not what happened. how about the millions of dollars in contracts Kathy gave her friends. What are we going to get for that money being spent –nothing. At least with Breuder we got a beautiful campus. Kathy is only going to feed her friends at the public trough. So much for reformers.

        • Kirk Allen
          Posted at 10:44h, 19 November

          We use her own words and you claim the facts are not straight?

  • Jim P.
    Posted at 15:02h, 14 January

    I have just tried to find Herricane Graphics online. She has no website. NONE. It seems that Herricane Graphics only has one client…the COD. There is no evidence anywhere that this is a legitimate company that does graphics work. What did she do for COD? Where are the examples of graphic design work that Herricane did for them? I would like to see that. If you call the number to Herricane no one answers…not even voicemail. What kind of company doesn’t have a website and no one answers the phone? Doesn’t seem like a company to me.