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July 20, 2024

Kory Atkinson – Not enough work in Bloomingdale Township?

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 29, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –
July 31st, 2015- 8:29 am, Cory Atkinson sends an e-mail to College of DuPage trustee Diane McGuire and Erin Birt to share Dave Carlin’s comments in an effort to embarrass COD Trustee Mazzochi.    (Copy of E-mail)
Considering Mr. Atkinson is an attorney with his own law firm, I didn’t give much thought to the date and time of the e-mail. It was only after several citizens tipped us off that he is employed full time with the Bloomingdale Township that the date and time became an issue.
It appears he took this job after his contract with Itasca School District, and subsequent employment as the Director of Operations, ended.  Interesting to find that the Superintendent who hired him just happens to be the wife of a DuPage County Board member.  More on that in the future.
As a full time employee for Bloomingdale Township, Atkinson earns $6,538.46 gross every month.  He started this job July 1st, 2015.
His job description is found at this link. One item of interest was #15-Exhibit professionalism and respect towards people interacting with the Bloomingdale Township Assessor’s Office and coworkers.
Considering he is an attorney, you would think he would understand professionalism and respect should be a part of every public employee’s daily routine, whether people are interacting with the public body or not.
Twenty nine days into his new job, this attorney by trade, while on the clock for the Bloomingdale Township, sent an e-mail trying to plot against those attempting to fix what is broke at COD.  Some of which many argue is broken because of Atkinson and his side-kick Dave Carlin.
What kind of an attorney finds it OK to use his employers time to send out this type of information?  Is that not stealing time from his employer?  He clocked in at 8:12 am.  I can only assume there isn’t much for a new employee to learn or do at this township because it only took him 17 minutes of being there that day before sending out personal emails instead of the work he was hired to do.    (Time Card) for the week of July 27th – 31st, 2015.
As if theft of time to the taxpayers of Bloomingdale Township is not bad enough, can anyone tell me where you can get a job, where the day after you start working you ask for 9.5 vacation days?  What kind of public sector job provides vacation days before they are earned?  In just over 5 months of employment he has taken 11.5 vacation days, of which 2.5 were taken in the first 15 days of being hired. Most occupations require you to be there a year before earning those days, but it must not be the case in Bloomingdale Township.  (Vacation/personal/Sick Days)
It makes you wonder what kind of operation is being ran in Bloomingdale Township, where they need an attorney full time to work for the assessor?  We will update with more interesting tidbits in the future.


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  • Time Card
    Posted at 05:02h, 30 November Reply

    This sounds a lot like Arcola Twp.,except for time cards.The Township doesn’t use time cards so you can’t prove hours worked.Just another policy cooked up by Mark and Deana.

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