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July 13, 2024

College of DuPage – Catherine Brod Defending Alleged Discrimination Suit –

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On November 25, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)
In February of 2015, we provided sufficient information to point to an EEOC problem with Catherine Brod, former College of DuPage (COD) Administrator working for the COD Foundation.  (EEOC Article)
That article stemmed from tips reporting that Brod goes through staff at pace not seen in a normal work environment, and is abusive  to certain people to include the use of racial comments during Foundation events.
Now we find out that on April 6, 2015, an EEOC complaint was in fact filed.  The Plaintiff received his Notice of Right to Sue from the EEOC on or around September 3, 2015.  (Notice provided)
Although COD refused to turn over the records we requested, we knew our sources telling us of numerous harassment issues with Brod were rock solid.
Thomas R. Simandl filed a Federal Lawsuit in Chicago naming COD, Catherine Brod and Karen Kuhn in there individual capacity.  The detail in this filing point to exactly the same behavioral issues we were told.  (Click here for the case file or see below)
Catherine Brod retired early from COD in October and Karen Kuhn is still employed.  It will be quite telling to see where this case goes regarding these two and even more telling to see what the current Interim President is going to do about certain key points raised.
We suspect the Law Enforcement folks are going to take great interest in at least one of the allegations raised, which amazingly, matches what we had been told.

“Plaintiff learned that Defendants Brod and Kuhn had inappropriately altered a donor document pertaining to an estate gift for one of Plaintiff’s donors” (see item #36)

Depending on the alteration of the donor document, a person could face criminal forgery charges.  We suspect a subpoena may be forthcoming after this exposure to find out exactly what was altered and identify if anyone gained monetarily from that alteration, as in a larger tax deduction that would have happen if the document was left alone.

It is clear to many, Acting Interim President Joe Collins still has a lot of clean up to do at COD.

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