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College of DuPage – “The Breuder Termination Documents” –

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

Below are the 781 pages of documents released by COD today pertaining to the Robert Breuder investigation.  These documents were the key evidence used to justify his termination.

As we sift through them we will update with future articles.

A quick scan of them shows… (DOWNLOAD HERE)

Redefining the term “salary” for media purposes to pull the wool over the public’s eyes about the true cost of hiring Breuder (Page 1):

Wiping the iPad and destroying evidence (Page 13):

Also, electioneering against the “tea-party ghost” that would hasten the decline of COD prior to the 2015 elections (Page 16) – a “tin-foil hat” moment for Glaser:



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  1. page 16, there is an email exchange between Thomas Glaser (COD Treasurer) and
    the VP for Business Services & Finance/Treasurer
    Illinois Valley Community College.

    Thus we know these community colleges exchange information.
    Why would anyone believe that this is not an isolated incident?