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May 20, 2024

More Things Shady than the Trees: DuPage State's Attorney Bob Berlin Attends Big Forest Preserve Political Fundraiser During 317+ Felony Indictment Trial of Agency's Former IT Staff-

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On September 19, 2015

-DuPage Co, IL. (ECWd) –


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Four years after the JRM’s “secret investigation”of the DuPage County Forest Preserve IT Department, three years after arrests, and nearly three years after 317+ indictments were collectively passed down, the “speedy” trial of the former Forest Preserve IT staffer David Tepper, and the former contracted Forest Preserve vendor Arif Mahmood, finished its first week at the Henry J. Hyde Judicial Office Facility in Wheaton before Judge Liam Brennan.
Former DuPage County Forest Preserve IT Director Mark McDonald is included in the charges and was originally scheduled to be tried with Tepper and Mahmood. McDonald’s trial was rescheduled to Oct. 22nd due to health issues.
DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin has not been seen at the county’s biggest criminal trial, according to CountyLeaks’ sources. Immediately after work, however, Berlin did attend the fundraiser of DuPage County Forest Preserve District 4 Commissioner Tim Whelan on Thursday, Sept. 17th, held at St. James Farm in Warrenville.
St. James Farm is the crown of what Former DuPage County Forest Preserve Executive Director Brent Manning referred to as the Forest Preserve’s “fabulous facilities” while on the witness stand last week.
A fundraiser location for congressional candidate and DuPage County Board District 5 Member Tonia Khouri was recently moved after concerns were raised by the Plainfield Township Park District that one of their facilities would be used for political soliciting.*

(*For readers outside DuPage County who may be confused: It is a common and accepted practice for Republicans, including the judiciary, to use public facilities in DuPage County for political fundraisers. Plainfield is located in Will County where different standards apply. CountyLeaks could not locate any such policy for the DuPage County Forest Preserve. There is no inference of any violation.)

Joining DuPage County State’s Attorney Bob Berlin at Thursday’s fundraiser for DuPage County Forest Preserve District 4 Commissioner Tim Whelan were: DuPage County Forest Preserve President, Former DuPage County Forest Preserve District 2 Commissioner, “special guest” and potential trial star witness Joe CantoreDuPage County Forest Preserve District 1 Commissioner Marsha MurphyDuPage County Forest Preserve District 2 Commissioner Jeff RedickDuPage County Forest Preserve District 3 Commissioner and trial witness Linda PainterDuPage County Forest Preserve District 6 Commissioner Al Murphy, and Retired DuPage County Chief Judge who appointed Judge Liam Brennan to the felony division and to preside over the DuPage Forest Preserve IT case just before he left office and the next day became the $150,000 DuPage County Forest Preserve Attorney — John Elsner
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  • nellie
    Posted at 09:16h, 20 September

    DuPage County Election Commission Attorney Pat Bond, DuPage County ____________________________, and DuPage County were also among the 75 guests exercising their First Amendment rights.
    Why were some names blacked out ?

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 09:53h, 20 September

      Good question, I will ask the author…

      • nellie
        Posted at 13:24h, 23 September

        Still no answer on blacking out article

        • jmkraft
          Posted at 14:20h, 23 September

          as the author, she said she did it because the other names were irrelevant to the article

  • Tim Whelan
    Posted at 22:35h, 20 September

    I am greatful to all in attendance at the Friends of Tim Whelan gathering at St James Farm Forest Preserve. In 2013 I had successfully bid at a Friends of the DuPage Forest Preserves fundraising auction for use of St James for an event including wagon tours of the preserve. It was one of many gifts auctioned at Mayslake for the DuPage FP Friends. That will be listed as my contribution to my campaign as will the funds raised at the gathering. The Friends of the DFP by the way is a not for profit group that accepts donations separate and apart from the District to help with specific needs of the FP such as the horse trough fountain restoration, a short walk from the Pavilion where my event was held. The tasty chicken and special potato salad as well as all hosting was paid for and provided by Friends of Tim Whelan. The working folks for my event, I am particularly thankful to for their time and effort to make my gathering a success. It was a great kickoff to my Tim Whelan For District 4 Forest Preserve Commissioner campaign 2016.