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July 18, 2024

Hancock County – County Board member resigns

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On September 23, 2015

Hancock Co. (ECWd) –
Last night we attended the Hancock County Board meeting and found that board member Marc Huston had submitted his resignation.  The board voted unanimously to accept it.
Marc Huston was one of the board members involved in misleading information being provided to the State’s Attorney which we exposed in this article back in May.
I am guessing that after the Ambulance Director was arrested the heat might be rising under the back side of Mr. Huston. (Ambulance Director Charged)
Considering Huston’s hired hand is also a board member, Dave Walker, and up to his eyeballs in wrongdoing as well we called for his resignation during the meeting.  Sadly he sat silent instead of doing the right thing and resigning.

He should know that blowing the whistle on other people does not take the focus off of his actions, contrary to what he may think.

Once again we see that shining the light on bad actors forces change.  Although we can only speculate on additional criminal charges for those involved we hope the State’s Attorney stands firm and holds these people accountable.


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