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April 12, 2024

Tri-State Fire Protection District – Orrico resigned!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 18, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd) –
We received word today from Eric Habercross, a Tri State FPD Trustee, that a resignation letter was submitted by Micheal Orrico on August 12th, 2015, three days after being exposed of his illegaly holding office.
Not sure why Orrico wasted his time with a resignation letter as the law outlined he was no longer a trustee the second he moved out of the district.  (Click here for the article relating to the vacancy created by his actions.)
I was able to contact Mr. Habercross through his Facebook page as it is clear the web site being ran by the FPD either has our e-mail blocked, or they intentionally have all contact information disabled.
After numerous attempts to get an official response pertaining to this matter from Orrico himself, he felt a cease and desist was the way to go instead of simply telling us yes, he resigned.  (Cease and Desist article here)

Clear arrogance is what I would call his actions. 

We will request a copy of the resignation letter as I am sure it will be filled with more misrepresentations as it appears that is the norm for this character.
Maybe now after years of controversy within this department they can move forward and continue to weed out the bad and rise up to what most fire departments are known for: community service.


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