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A former trustee that simply reeks of impropriety as was covered in previous articles appears to have wanted to be a trustee like no other we have ever seen in public office.  Former because as was outlined previously, he no longer legally holds that position.  (Click here and here for previous articles)

Turns out Micheal Orrico just happen to be have been employed as a full time Assistant Chief in Murphy, TX starting in April of 2014.  Yes, you read that correctly.  Shocking to us was the discovery that Tri-State District officials were aware of it and did nothing.

While elected to office in the Tri-State Fire Protection District in Illinois in 2011 he thought it worthy to take on a full time position with the City of Murphy, TX as their Assistant Chief in April of 2014 while continuing to hold his trustee position in Illinois.   (Click here for the minutes where the Murphy Mayor welcomed him to the department)

As an elected official how is it that he only attended ONE trustee meeting according to the minutes since his April 1st, 2014 employment in TX?  How are the taxpayers in Illinois being represented when their elected official is clearly living and working 900 miles away in the state of TX?  Was he getting paid for his duties as a trustee?  If so I think the tax payers should take action to recover those funds.

The other question I have is what kind of person wants a fire trustee position so bad that he is willing to attempt to keep the position while working full time in the state of TX?  What was so worthy of protecting that he would attempt to hold two positions and commute just shy of 900 miles?

If he was getting paid as a trustee there may be a venue for the public to recover those funds as it is clear he was not providing the services he was elected to provide which may well constitute Official Misconduct.

I hope that taxpayers of the Tri-State Fire Protection District FILL the next trustee meeting and demand answers to this clear breach of public trust.


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  1. I do believe you could contest the vote in a declaratory judgement as he was not legally an office holder but that is a question for an attorney.

  2. Does this invalidate his vote to appoint a replacement for Trustee Gibbons, thereby negating the appointment?

    • unfortunately no, it is still valid because he was “acting under color” of authority and nobody questioned him on it.