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July 24, 2024

Governor's downstate director accused of family patronage hire is not true –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 18, 2015

Springfield, IL. (ECWd) –
I received a disturbing email this morning purporting to state that Randy Pollard’s wife had been hired at the Illinois Lottery, and implying it was a patronage hire.  Randy Pollard is the Governor’s downstate director.
After trying several numbers to the Illinois Lottery, and nobody knowing anyone by the name of Cheryl Pollard – they even checked their phone register, searched for an email, and stated no one by that name works for the lottery – I figured I should simply ask Mr. Pollard the question and wait for an answer.
I emailed Randy at his email address and asked: “Did your wife get hired at the Illinois Lottery?”
He replied a couple minutes later with: “NO !”
So I would suggest that anyone with a question as to whether or not Cheryl Pollard has been hired at the Illinois Lottery as the email suggests, that they simply ask her or her husband the direct question.
All evidence suggests Randy was truthful, as I also check the Comptroller’s website for her name as an employee (any year) and as a new hire (covering Feb thru Jul 2015). Both searches came back with no information found.
Here was the text of the email that I believe to be incorrect:
Let’s give a warm welcome to Cheryl Pollard, wife of Downstate Director Randy Pollard and Patronage King, as the newest member and employee of the Illinois Lottery.
We are glad to see the Randy is no longer afraid to help Qualified Republicans process the the state employment labyrinth. This is not patronage. Randy’s wife is the most qualified person in the state for this postion to market sin and gambling to poor, uneducated, inner city minorities from the international melting pot of Vandalia, Population 6000.
Randy Pollard Junior was just appointed Circuit Clerk of Jefferson County. Home of Big Muddy prison. Junior is also the most qualified candidate since he just moved into town recently. No jobs were traded for this appointment!
Remember Governor Rauner’s promise there would be no patronage, and if there was they would be fired.
While we are at it, lets look at his spokesperson Lance Trover and his live in girlfriend Emily Clamp with her sister Sarah Clamp the 25 year old environmental expert from New York that is a special advisor to the governor. There is a three for one deal.
That is also not patronage. They are qualified!
The federal investigations must be over, let the good times roll.
Say NO! to any new taxes or tax increases while these shenanigans are occurring in the Governor’s Office in the Capitol. These people are jeopardizing the Governor’s agenda and he does not even know it.


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