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July 12, 2024

College of DuPage – Missing audio exposed!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On August 9, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)
Let’s begin with the fact the audio tape below, from a December 11, 2013 COD meeting, is not available for the public to hear about what went on during an Open Meeting of the COD Trustees.  A FOIA request for the record was denied based on no record could be found. How convenient in light of what is on the tape.
This particular meeting sheds light on many subjects of which we will do our best to break down serous concerns of what has gone on at COD under Breuder’s rein.
For starters, this appears to be the only meeting in which, during public session, there is a clear verbal confrontation between trustees and Robert Breuder who is now on administrative leave.  Was this audio scrubbed from the website because of what it discloses?
Key points raised:

  • Bidding Conflicts –  The law firm goes to great length to explain the process of bidding to include low bids, professional services, etc.  At 10:48 the lawyer explains what you need to do to ensure a competitive process. That means they knew they needed to ensure a competitive process to protect the taxpayer and he even said that.  However, it is clear they did not follow their own legal advice.  Case and point are the US Bank and Hurricane Graphics contracts.
  • Foundation Conflicts of Interest33:00 minute mark of the audio the lawyer gives his presentation.  McGuire jumps in at the 37:48 mark.  She even uses the term Pay to Play in her discussion as the appearance concerned her.   Her comments are worthy of note as it is clear she doesn’t quite have the same position now.
  • Breuder pipes in at the 40:29 mark denying he agreed with McGuire’s assertion on bidding.   The exchange is quite telling.
  • Hamilton chimes in at the 1:15:19 minute mark regarding the mandatory budget reserve policy from the board book as she is trying to reconcile the two. Glaser is the one responding to her comments initially.   Of serious concerns is Glaser’s admission that ever since he has been on the COD campus the conversation has been around revenue, not expenditures.    Hamilton is pointing out discrepancies and wants to know why they exist.
  • Former Chairman Birt1:13:18 Erin Birt goes on her rant about ending the meeting.  The very person now claiming information is being withheld from her takes clear steps to shut down the discussion and even cuts off former trustee Nancy Svoboda who wanted answers, however, by all indications Birt wanted no part of her getting such answers in a meeting.
  • Breuder again 1:15:10 mark Breuder goes on the attack with what I would consider clear insubordination to his board.  He snaps at Diane McGuire early on and then shifts his attack to Hamilton.

From statements by McGuire that all contracts must be competitive, which we now know they were not, to Breuder attacking trustees who dare to question him, it is clear this sheds light and raises more questions!
Regardless of why this particular audio is not available to the public, we are once again pleased to be able to share the information and we thank those so willing to help expose what was going on at COD during the tyrannical leadership of Robert Breuder.



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