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April 17, 2024

Clark Co. Park District – AG inquiring into another alleged illegal meeting –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On August 4, 2015

Clark Co., IL. (ECWd) –
It looks like the Clark County Park District has to answer to another allegation of wrongdoing sent to the Illinois Attorney General’s Public Access Counselor (“PAC”), a request for review of an alleged Open Meetings Act violation.
This one involves the July 11, 2015 meeting of the “Architectural Control Committee”, (“ACC”) who met to discuss the documents presented by former Commissioner Larry Yargus, who asked to lease park property where he has been drawing water out of a well for more than 25 years.
The problem, and allegation, with the meeting is that the ACC’s only reasons to assemble, meet, and discuss public business is when that public business involves some questions on the “leased lots” as defined on the leased lots map. Any other discussions about any other real estate leases are not authorized, and since a majority of a quorum of commissioners of the park district board of commissioners was present and actively involved in the discussion on July 11, 2015, it became a de facto illegal, unpublished meeting of the board of commissioners.
The same thing I talked about at their next purported committee meeting, where at that one, after close to a half an hour of arguments, the committee decided it would adjourn the meeting without discussing the Yargus papers.
The AG’s PAC has demanded the Board respond to the allegations about the July 11th meeting within seven days.
This brings the total number of complaints the park district must answer at 16. This file number on this complaint is 2015 PAC 36413.


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