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July 20, 2024

Martinsville, IL. Teacher Dismissed –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On July 1, 2015

Martinsville, IL. (ECWd) –
Agenda item number IV from the June 25, 2015 school board meeting included taking action on the employment of school employee Jordan Parmenter, who is featured in these articles: English teacher placed on leave after desecrating flag in class – and – the update on that article.
The school board voted to dismiss him from his employment in the Martinsville School District.
For those of you that think he had a First Amendment right to do what he did, we believe you are wrong as his speech during the performance of his duties are not protected.
The Supreme Court has held: “When public employees make statements pursuant to their official duties, they are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes, and the Constitution does not insulate their communications from employer discipline.” (Click here for Garcetti v. Ceballos)


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  • Chris M. Gaines
    Posted at 10:51h, 01 July Reply

    Garcetti v. Ceballos 
    The Supreme Court’s holding has curious and unsettling implications for academic freedom. In dissent, Justice David Souter wrote, “This ostensible domain beyond the pale of the First Amendment is spacious enough to include even the teaching of a public university professor, and I have to hope that today’s majority does not mean to imperil First Amendment protection of academic freedom in public colleges and universities, whose teachers necessarily speak and write ‘pursuant to official duties.’” 

  • Elizabeth Gruber
    Posted at 11:32h, 01 July Reply

    Good riddance. More liberal US bashing teachers need to go. I applaud that school district.

    • Chris M. Gaines
      Posted at 07:53h, 04 July Reply

      While these teachers may be out of jobs for now, their lessons were evidently effective in showing that symbols can clearly be powerful things obviously.
      It was an effort to show that America “is greater than the material objects that represent it,” according to a lawyer for another teacher who did the same thing as this teacher in standing on our U.S. flag in his classroom in front of students while teaching a LESSON.
      Our United States of America flag… It’s just a piece of cloth that represents a symbol, a piece of fabric you probably bought at Wal Mart like most Americans and it was most likely made in China for as cheap as possible obviously. This material object (our flag) is NOT to be idolized as many uninformed people mistakenly do across America throughout history, still. Have a nice 4th of July America! Consider protesting these injustices with us in public. Join us…We the People. United We Stand, remember that? Do it then, please.

  • Chris M. Gaines
    Posted at 16:54h, 01 July Reply

    The Martinsville School Board District should expect a federal lawsuit now obviously. The teacher below did the same thing and was given an $85,000 settlement from a South Carolina School Board District after he was “dismissed” ( fired ) for it. In America, we have the freedom to desecrate the American flag. And if someone tries to retaliate against us for doing it, we also have the freedom to sue. A South Carolina teacher has made full of use these liberties, walking away with a $85,000 settlement after stomping on an American flag in his classroom.
    Scott Compton, an honors English teacher at Chapin High School, sparked a furor last December when giving a lesson on symbols. As Columbia, S.C., station WIS-TV reported at the time, Compton took the American flag down and explained to his students that while the flag was a symbol, the physical flag was simply a piece of fabric. He illustrated his point by stomping on the cloth.
    It was an effort to show that America “is greater than the material objects that represent it,” Compton’s attorney, Darryl Smalls, told a local newspaper, The State.
    But that’s not how the school board saw it. School district officials placed Compton on administrative leave with pay, and after an investigation, the district recommended thathe be fired after seven years at the school. Compton appealed, and then resigned in March.But Compton didn’t go away quietly. According to documents obtained by The State under the Freedom of Information Act, School District 5 of Lexington-Richland counties paid Compton $85,000 to stop him from pursuing a lawsuit, in addition to $31,500 in attorney’s fees. And that’s in addition to Compton’s regular salary, which he will continue to receive through June 7.”Prior to his resignation, attorneys for Mr. Compton informed district attorneys that he had prepared a complaint for filing in federal court,” district spokesman Mark Bounds told The State. “Based on financial considerations related to anticipated legal fees to defend such a suit, the insurer made the decision to make a monetary (offer) to Mr. Compton. He accepted the offer.”
    Teacher’s Epic Resignation Letter: Profession ‘No Longer Exists’Another teacher recently came under fire for an unorthodox lesson on symbols. Florida Atlantic University instructor Deandre Poole was placed on administrative leave in March after a lesson in which he instructed students to write “Jesus” on a piece of paper, and then stomp on it.Poole claimed that the exercise was meant to show the power of words, but not everyone saw it as so innocent. Poole received death threats and a personal rebuke from Gov. Rick Scott. In response, some students rallied to Poole’s defense, and a faculty committee determined that the university’s decision to ban the lesson compromised academic freedom.
    While these teachers may be out of jobs for now, their lessons were effective in showing that symbols can clearly be powerful things.

    • Old dude
      Posted at 20:41h, 03 July Reply

      The problem I have with it is, while it is a symbol, It is a symbol of our Country. Men and Women have died for the symbol. Years ago it was a symbol of freedom around the world. Now we have American people who have enjoyed its protection, wanting to ban it as a symbol of oppression. I would be interested to see the outrage if a teacher in a public school did the exact same thing to the rainbow flag that has become the symbol of the LGBTG movement, or maybe burn a Koran in the class because it is only a book symbolizing a religion. Maybe put a doll of Mohamed in a jar of urine. It amazes me how you rationalize the trashing of our symbol but I bet you the academic community would howl with anger and demand that a teacher be fired, and incarcerated if he/she desecrated the other symbols I mention. Why is it always OK in academia to trash America, Whites, Christians, but not anyone else? You even mention an Illegal alien and you are shouted down, and told how you are a hater. If you mention the disproportional crime rates in the African American communities you are called a racist and a bigot. But you can call a guy with a rebel flag on his truck a stupid redneck cracker without fear. This Country has become upside down with it’s beliefs and I think we are on the brink of the next Civil War if the trends continue. Public schools have destroyed the history of our country and now teach crap like this.

      • Chris M. Gaines
        Posted at 07:08h, 04 July Reply

        How old are you “old dude”? What is your name? Why hide your identity here while making your comments in public? Anonymity doesn’t foster any credibility obviously. That being said, I obviously disagree with your comment. Your missing or ignoring the point in my and many other people’s comments on this topic evidently. That point being…America is much much greater than the material things ( example: fabric of the cloth of our flag ) it represents in its symbols. Symbols are obviously powerful things as we’ve seen throughout history, but the meaning of the symbols, the ideas they represent…and the message they convey is far far much greater than the actual material ( fabric cloth of our flag ) of these symbols. This is the lesson we as a free society must not ever forget and our teachers should be applauded for teaching our children that LESSON in the classroom obviously, not vilified like we see here again. This teacher did nothing wrong and should of never apologized to anyone for it and should now sue to hold the Martinsville Illinois school board district who fired him accountable for their actions in firing him for it. Have a nice day.

        • Old dude
          Posted at 19:14h, 04 July Reply

          What did I say that would not be credible just because you do not know my name? I stay Anon. because I wish to. Was Benjamin Franklin any less a credible author when he penned the Silence Dogood letters? I am 50 years old, my name is unimportant. Just because you are willing to show everyone your name, if it is your name, doesn’t mean what you say is always correct. It just means you do not have kids in public school who can be punished for their parents viewpoints. My questions stand. Would you think the teacher did nothing wrong if he burned the rainbow flag in class? Would you feel the same way about a teacher trashing the other symbols I spoke of? Or do you just enjoy them trashing the flag of our country? I agree the flag is just a symbol. It stirs the heart and soul. America is bigger than the symbol, but when teachers are constantly bashing the symbol to young kids that are forced to listen to their propaganda, they learn to believe that America is bad. That fosters generations who are unwilling to fight for its greatness, which leads to what we have now, a lost generation who can tell you the names of all the Kardashians and who they are screwing, but have no idea how the country came to be. Thanks to teachers trashing flags as a lesson rather than teaching what they are being paid to teach.

          • Chris M. Gaines
            Posted at 10:14h, 05 July

            Like I said your anonymity doesn’t foster credibility obviously. What are you hiding by not revealing your identity here? Your a anonymous nameless internet troll spreading disinformation and government propaganda in my opinion, that’s all. My position needs no further defense obviously. Your does evidently, that’s why you keep defending it here. Your still missing the point of our message. Try re-reading my words again if you don’t understand them. Google Have a nice 4th of July weekend!

          • Kirk Allen
            Posted at 12:05h, 05 July

            Chris, stop already. People remain anonymous for many reasons. Many fear having their name attached brings attacks at their place of employment. If you continue to attack people for not posting their name you will leave us no alternative than to block you from posting. We run this site so that views can be shared, even if they are not ours but we will not have you attacking people for posting anonymously. Enough said?

        • Kirk Allen
          Posted at 07:46h, 05 July Reply

          Chris, have you not read the Supreme Court case we posted on this? Much different venue and the guy would not win a law suit. Go serve our country and come back and tell me if you still feel the same way.

          • Chris M. Gaines
            Posted at 09:46h, 05 July

            Kirk, I did read the supreme court ruling concerning this topic obviously and actually posted the dissent to it written by Justice David Souter about it…did you read that Kirk? Not everyone shares your veiws in public evidently. Our audience understands that I assume by now.
            I did serve in our United States Navy as a BUCB (Sea Bee) in a construction battalion as a Builder. Your not the only one who served in our military Kirk . Most vets I talk with no the reality of war and have combat experience on the battlefield. Do you? Recently? They killed (murder) millions of innocent civilians and it’s called “collateral damage” now. Racism masked as patriotism as its always been obviously in our military. There is no excuse for these crimes of war. Those guilty of it should be prosecuted, convicted and incarcerated obviously until justice is served.

          • Kirk Allen
            Posted at 11:56h, 05 July

            Do you hear yourself? You posted the dissent as support for your position? The side of the case that LOST? Yes I read it. The supreme court ruling in that case is opposite of your position. Your rant about crimes of war has NOTHING to do with this article. For a person who claims to have served its sad to see the position you take on this matter.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 07:50h, 05 July Reply

      Chris, you compare a settlement to law? Go read the Supreme Court case! The Supreme Court has held: “When public employees make statements pursuant to their official duties, they are not speaking as citizens for First Amendment purposes, and the Constitution does not insulate their communications from employer discipline.” (Click here for Garcetti v. Ceballos)
      Just because the board you mentioned didn’t have the courage to fight doesn’t make the teacher right. They settled before it EVER got to a court room so please just stop with your nonsense. Its getting tiresome.

      • Chris M. Gaines
        Posted at 10:05h, 05 July Reply

        Can you make me “stop” Kirk? How? Selective editing of this website is how I assume is your solution? But…Why edit the TRUTH though Kirk and John? Quit judging what I say as “nonsense” or saying it’s getting “tiresome”…please. Many many MORE people say the same things about you Kirk in private and public, and John as well. I try to stay positive in my comments directed at you personally, you on the other hand do NOT do that still. I consider you a hypocrite for doing that, as does some in our audience here I assume. Your only digging your hole deeper with these types of comments.
        MOST cases never get decided by a jury obviously. Most cases get SETTLED by the parties involved obviously before a trial. This case this Martinsville Illinois teacher will eventually file in Federal court will obviously be settled by offering this teacher a huge monetary payment settlement to avoid the expense to defend it in court as it normally happens in our justice system, duh Kirk. Accept that, and quit winning about it. It’s a fact that will happen again and again obviously. Your not going to change that obviously. It makes you appear like an uninformed person when you make such comments here, with all due respect of course…lol. Have a nice 4th of July weekend!

        • Kirk Allen
          Posted at 12:10h, 05 July Reply

          Yes Chris I can make you stop. This is in fact a private web site and yes you can be banned. We have asked numerous times for restraint however you fail to understand the purpose of this site and its goals. To take the position this teacher should sue appears to be based on your acceptance that it would get settled and he would get paid, vs sticking to principal and fighting for what is right shows the mindset you have. One of entitlement the law be damned. The law does not support your position.

          • OldDude
            Posted at 17:11h, 05 July

            You will notice he never answers a question. He just calls you names for not believing as he does. I asked him if he would have a problem with them trashing the rainbow flag or a Koran in class or does he just approve of trashing the flag. I say he would be outraged if a teacher did either of these and demand they be fired and jailed for a hate crime. I think he is a hater of this country and a troll. He calls me a troll because I will not answer one question which is what is my name. I think with his rant about killing (murdering) millions of innocent civilians shows his disdain for this country and nothing we say would change his mind. I just wish he would find a cave in Afghanistan that has the same privileges he has in this great country.

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