Livingston Co. Board Chairman says meant to vote to kill Invenergy’s Pleasant Ridge application – –

Livingston Co., IL. (ECWd) –

A motion was made to DENY the Pleasant Ridge Wind Farm application – meaning a YES vote would be a vote to deny the application and to accept the motion to deny the application.

Livingston County Board Chairman Marty Fannin says there was confusion and misunderstandings, and that he intended to vote YES on the motion to deny the application at the board meeting and would change his vote. This was the Pleasant Ridge Wind Farm application.

During an interview with WJEZ ROCK 98.9, he said he was circulating a petition to call for a special meeting to re-vote on the application. ECWd has been informed that the State’s Attorney has stated a special meeting would be a “waste of time” – but we know he has no decision powers as to when, where, or how many meetings are called.

He said he “had a brain fart” on his vote and should have admitted he made a mistake at the time, and that his vote should have been the vote to “end this.”

We appreciate the candid comments and any attempts at correcting this action.

Download the podcast (HERE).

This interview is in the aftermath of a tie vote on the motion presented at the board meeting, meaning the motion to deny the application failed.


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  1. As of yesterday, June 12th, the State’s attorney Seth Uphoff has said a special meeting would be ‘a waste of money’. There will now not be a special meeting in the coming week for a motion to reconsider. Now, there will be a vote in July to approve the project with special conditions. The special conditions will be worked on by the Chairman and attorneys. The next Board meeting will be July 16th. We will see if Mr. Fannin will keep his vote at no, in spite of the bribes (what they call an economic package) they will be discussing in the coming month.

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