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Video: Downers Grove Township holds illegal committee meeting –

DuPage Co., IL. (ECWd) –

May 16, 2015, Downers Grove, Illinois.

Updated May 17 with more information…

This morning, the Downers Grove Township Refuse Committee held a meeting without posting a notice and an agenda as required by law – then tried denying they were a committee until one of their own members said she thought she was on a committee.

When watching this video, you will be amused at the variety of excuses, denials, and obfuscations (“To make so confused or opaque as to be difficult to perceive or understand“) by the committee members .

We will start with the facts:

Fact:  The township board decided on a committee (proof here) with the citizens to discuss the best way to have trash pick-up service in the unincorporated area of the township (more proof of committee formation here)

Laura Reigle

Pleasantdale HOA President
Thanks for your comments regarding the Downers Grove Township Refuse project. I’ve forwarded your comments to Jack Novak, Chairman of the DGT Refuse Advisory Committee who along with the Committee will consider your suggestions along with all other HOA suggestions. Your comments will be noted for future consideration but will not be part of this next Board Meeting due to time constrictions for the comments to be part of the agenda. All future suggestions should be addressed to Mr. Novak and the Committee for their future recommendations to the Board
Frank Wurster

Fact:  The committee decided to have a meeting this morning

Fact:  Committees of a public body, including advisory committees, must comply with the Open Meetings Act as if they were the public body – including posting a notice and an agenda at least 48 hours prior to a meeting.

Key points from the video:

Q: Where was the meeting posted publicly?

A: This isn’t a public meeting – this is a committee meeting – it’s not open to the public – it’s a working, it’s my committee – it’s an advisory meeting –

A: This isn’t a quorum – it isn’t a public body

Q: So this isn’t a committee?

A: You are confused – this is a committee, an advisory board made up of citizens

A: We are only here to take recommendations to the board

Now, while they are sitting at the board tables, they start accusing her of getting political, etc.

Committee Member: “The public doesn’t need to know”

Chairman – I’ve been on a public body for 16 years (I’m right-you’re wrong)

Other Committee member – committees that advise townships must follow the open meeting law

Chairman keeps interrupting and claiming she is wrong

Chairman then continues making excuses and blaming the citizen trying to get them to comply with the law

Committee member: I need clarification, I thought I was on a committee

Committee member doesn’t like his face or voice on camera – but the only problem is that he does not have the authority to say whether or not his face or voice is on this camera



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  1.  It is the work of rebuilding our communities public trust that We the People should focus on more now obviously. For without the public trust of it’s citizenry, a community as a whole and its citizens individually will not support their communities government agencies naturally, especially our police agencies specifically. When police officers are not supported by their community, it is impossible for them to be effective police officers. And that leads to a more dangerous and less-than-safe community obviously. We the People should focus on this more than other less important things obviously and not be distracted by the meaningless gibberish of fools.

  2. See what happens when people don’t follow the rules and are called on it.This guy in the video says he’s been on a public body for 16 years,big deal he should know better.We’ve got two people at our Township who have been there for 30 years and the Township is fighting several lawsuit,all at TAX PAYERS EXPENCE!

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