“The NIU Bill” Passes IL. Senate –


When we exposed Northern Illinois University for paying the legal fees of employees that plead guilty to crimes committed while they were employed and working at NIU, we had no idea that an Illinois Senator was listening and would take the steps to present a Bill to the Senate making sure that this could never happen again.

Senator Michael Connelly (R) sponsored Senate Bill 1102 and SB 1145 that would prohibit this activity for all public bodies in this state. Both passed unanimously – 2nd and 3rd readings.

SB1102:  Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the State Employee Indemnification Act and the Local Governmental and Governmental Employees Tort Immunity Act. Prohibits the State and local public entities from providing representation for or indemnifying any State or local employee in any criminal proceeding arising out of that employee’s employment with the State or local public entity.

SB1145:  Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends various Acts relating to the governance of public universities in Illinois. Prohibits the governing board of each public university from knowingly entering into an indemnification agreement with an employee or former employee of the university beyond what is provided for in the State Employee Indemnification Act. Effective immediately.

Thank you Senator Connelly for sponsoring legislation to prohibit local units of government such as NIU from entering into indemnification agreements whereby taxpayers are forced to pay the legal fees for state employees who are found guilty or who plead guilty to criminal acts.

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  1. Rumor has it as of today that NIU is putting up a $100,000 retainer for legal representation to protect Baker from his own wrong doing which is coming to light through an OEIG investigation. The money that has been spent on all legal expenses has been outrageous since Baker became president. No wonder the state is broke!

  2. This is great news about some great work by Sen. Connelly. Who knows? This could be in 2nd place this year, right behind the College of DuPage investigation. And both initiated and followed through by the Edgar County Watchdogs.

    And now for the bad news. We’re in Illinois. Land of AFSCME, SEIU, the teacher’s unions and Mike Madigan. Where anything can happen to a bill on the way to the governor’s desk. To foreclose the same thing happening in Glen Ellyn, the new College of DuPage Board of Trustees should pass a rule prohibiting the payment of legal fees for employees charged with crimes. At the next board meeting. In the next two weeks. Before any COD employee is indicted. As an emergency measure. And if legal fee reimbursement is in Breuder’s alleged contract remember, that so-called contract extension was passed without a quorum and void ab initio. Breuder has been working without a contract since 2009.