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April 18, 2024

Edgar County – The other airport manager applicant – WOW!

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 19, 2015


The other applicant for the Edgar County Airport Manager’s position spoke during public comment at the county board study session held on April 13, 2015. I spoke about this a last month’s county board meeting (here).

He briefly went thru his experience with the county’s hiring process (which is apparently “anything goes”), beginning with the 90 day wait for an interview and the fact that there were people in the interview that were not affiliated with Edgar County government in any form.

He then went thru his qualifications, schools, degrees, past work history, past aircraft history, and volunteer time.

Listen carefully because he runs thru them pretty fast – – at the end of his comments he asked the county board to reevaluate their hiring processes to ensure qualified people get hired in the future.

Next, ask yourself why the county keeps the liar Jerry Griffin on payroll when it has been proven that he lied on his application, lied about his qualifications, lied about his work history, and is generally untruthful (hereherehere – and here). I think you will find that it was predetermined that Jerry would get the job no matter what he wrote down and no matter who the other applicants were.

Comparing the two resumes makes it clear, Rich Wilkin was by far more qualified for the job.

Video is below and Rich Wilkin starts talking at about the 13 second mark.

Pay attention to Alan Zuber ignoring him while he is speaking…too busy to listen to a citizen speaking…




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  • ECWDogs
    Posted at 21:19h, 19 April

    Edgar County – The other airport manager applicant – WOW!

  • Robert O. Bogue
    Posted at 10:03h, 20 April

    Edgar County Airport Splanation.

    As of this moment, Jerry Griffin continues his reign of ignorance and deception at the Edgar County Airport. There’s no question that he’s lied about his work history because the facts and the documents prove it. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. So why hasn’t our county board: Jenness, Voigt, Farnham, Zuber, Hetsley, Brunner and Patrick given him the boot?

    That question was recently answered in a conversation with a board member. Let me begin by calling it the Splanation…… since having one is better than not having one and this one’s priceless.

    It appears, the real reason Jerry Griffin continues as a county employee is because our county board’s “investigator” is/and was “unable to substantiate” claims made against Jerry Griffins and Jerry Griffins work history.

    Does this mean, the well documented e-mail conversation with his “alleged past employer” published on this site has become the issue at hand and not the employment of Jerry Griffin? I think that’s the direction they would have us travel in.

    But then, shouldn’t the employee, when questioned about his resume and employment documents be able to offer irrefutable proof of his employment? I think so.
    Ah, so now I get it: because our County Board has never asked and never will ask Jerry to prove his employment at the Aviator College, the justification for retaining him now falls upon his ‘alleged’ employer whom has absolutely no dog in this fight, who never employed him and who may now be concerned about entering the mindless fiasco here in Edgar County. I understand their concern, who wouldn’t?

    So, let’s move ahead with something that really makes sense. Let’s ask Jerry for something really easy. How about a pay stub from the Aviator College?
    You know, if he ever worked for the Aviator College as he alleges, he was likely paid for his services. (He didn’t mention that it was volunteer work somewhere did he?) After all who works for free? And, as a matter of fact, he’s not working for free at the Edgar County Airport.

    If, that is, if, he’s telling the truth then the College would certainly have provided as many as 60 pay checks. Would it be too difficult for our County Board to ask for some of those? It’s must be.

    In this case, logic dictates providing a single pay stub shouldn’t be a problem, that is, if he ever worked there. And if he’s lost all of them, certainly the College would provide one, two or perhaps even five years’ worth of records just to save someone’s job. But as I said earlier, the college; which has absolutely no dog in this fight, who never employed him and who may now be concerned about entering the mindless fiasco here in Edgar County may not want to be part of this. Once again, who could really blame them?

    There is however, another option if the College isn’t willing to arrive at the scene of Jerrys crimes, and if Jerry has lost all of his pay stubs. Jerry could provide one of those IRS W-2 things he received from employment, something we’re all too familiar with, that is if he had one.

    Certainly, if Jerry worked for the College and the College did not collect and pay taxes for the compensation they provided Jerry………… that could lead to a serious problem for the College with the IRS. That is, if the IRS learns about Jerry’s sworn statements that he presented to the county, if Jerry’s claims now prove to be accurate and if the Aviator College can’t produce those pay documents. That would of course, fly in the face of documents already received.

    Look, let’s not get side tracked again. Our county board is responsible for this mess…they hired him and can fire him at any time. At this point, I’m not sure which is worse; the lies told by Jerry or our county board’s continued support of those lies, their own deceptions or their deliberate inaction.

    Sincerely, Rob.

  • Sick of it all....
    Posted at 10:25h, 21 April

    I’d like to know who the county’s “investigator” is, and what exactly this so-called “investigator” did to verify or substantiate the information on Jerry’s application ( which by the way, should have been checked out BEFORE he was hired) .
    Seems as though the County Board is just once again proving that they are completely inept at being on the Board. If their investigator can’t do something simple like verify employment?? Ask Jerry for his W-2’s or his tax return for that year….. Doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out, but apparently our Board has to be led by the hand, even though the substantiation was already posted here. If they don’t believe it, they should have followed up and verified that the emails came from who they said they were. Too bad they weren’t that careful about other things to do with the airport and the Board in general. Do the members of the board realize how completely inept they look and sound when they spout off these insane comments? I can’t believe the county taxpayers are continuing to allow this to happen, and that nothing is being done about the airport manager. Guess it will take a major lawsuit and by then it will be too late. And I have no doubt at some point there will be a lawsuit… the county is just ripe for one…..especially if anyone reads about the mess this county has been in for such a long time.