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March 4, 2024

Edgar County Board still allowing false audit to stand –

By John Kraft & Kirk Allen

On April 19, 2015


Here we are, over 3 years after being informed that “note 12” in the county audit was incorrect, over 14 months after the board acknowledged that the auditor had said it was incorrect, and no action to fix the audit or to even place a letter with the audit stating the fact that it is incorrect.

This issue stems from a long history of inaccurate information, flat-out lies, and coverups from the Board (under Keller’s “leadership”), the State’s Attorney’s Office, the Auditors, the former County Treasurer, and Dee Burgin.

Read the “10 Years of Deceit” articles to get a clear picture of this theft of $100,000.00 from Edgar County taxpayers.

As I have state in prior articles, this is about the history of Edgar County and must be corrected to reflect the actual truth of the theft that has been allowed to occur.

At about the 1:08:00 mark in the below video from the Feb 10, 2014 study session, the board acknowledged that the “Note 12” placed in the audit was not correct.

Is it really asking to much for this County Board to pass a resolution confirming the error and noting the debt was never paid?




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