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May 24, 2024

College of DuPage – Unwarranted Criticism…Says Breuder!

By Kirk Allen & John Kraft

On April 20, 2015

DuPage Co. (ECWd)

A businessman taught me many years ago that whatever you put down in writing you should be able to defend in court 10 years after the fact.

In October of 2014, Breuder wrote to Republican Party leaders and several State Representatives complaining about Trustee Hamilton, our reporting, as well as that of Open the Books.

What did Breuder tell them?

  • Over the past several months, Trustee Kathy Hamilton and two political activist groups, “Open the Books” and “Illinois Leaks,” have accused College employees of fiscal impropriety.
  • Through misinformation and either manipulation of the facts or no reliance on the facts as they exist, they have attempted to tarnish the reputation of a great institution.
  • The bottom line is this: there is not one shred of evidence that anyone at College of DuPage is violating the public trust.
  • We have nothing to hide and an enviable story to tell.


  • August 2014 Board meeting I informed the board during public comment that I was going to expose criminal activity and had the facts to back it up.  They ignored me!
  • After months of front page coverage by local media and our fact based reporting with documents, it is clear we have more than proven fiscal impropriety on behalf of Breuder and his team.
  • Federal Subpoenas are not issued without substantial probable cause.  Such probably cause is based on facts, not misinformation or manipulation of facts.  It is clear our concerns have been heard!
  • The only people tarnishing the reputation of the school is Breuder and his Executive Staff through their illegal actions.
  • Not one shred of evidence?  Was he really that stupid to make such a claim?  The public trust has been raped by these people and the election pretty much proved that. For three candidates who stood together on a reform platform and won against 9 other candidates speaks, louder than any lies Breuder can spew.
  • If COD had nothing to hide then why have they concealed public records, lied in court documents, refused FOIA request in direct violation of the law, and basically continued with the coverup of wrongdoing?

The fact of the matter is Breuder must have felt early on that he had some kind of magical political clout and influence that he could use to put a stop to the exposure we and others were bringing to the surface. Breuder is no Peter Pan!

I told the board in January of 2015 criminal complaints should be filed with the State’s Attorney’s office.  I assured Breuder that I have only just begun exposing him for what he is, a manipulative arrogant individual who believes he is above the law.

Looking at his letters to our State Representatives six months after the fact brings a smile to my face, because once again, he is exposed for what he really is!

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  • ECWDogs
    Posted at 10:23h, 20 April Reply

    College of DuPage – Unwarranted Criticism…Says Breuder!

  • Red
    Posted at 10:51h, 20 April Reply

    If any of the current Grand Jury investigations materialize into criminal convictions and sentencing of any of the named “players” then all of this work will be worthwhile. I believe the “slate” win woke some of the prosecutors up. The COD president cannot operate alone though. Higher political operatives would not allow him to get it all. It is now coming out what has been going on with the payback contracts being entered by COD which result in huge payments for unnecessary buildings, landscaping, signs etc. Those of us who live close by COD have seen this over the past 5 or so years since the very unfortunate passing of the “Referendum” which only some of us leery voters voted against. There is a group above the president directing him and putting political pay rollers at COD, in particular the CFO. Even aware voters and taxpayers are not focusing on what is going on. The insiders rely on public complacency. It is a very big picture, but it has now hit Du Page County hard. No Citizen of Illinois is immune. No Citizen of the US is immune. It is getting worse.

    • Kirk Allen
      Posted at 11:39h, 20 April Reply

      You sir have hit the nail on the head! Know that we too know the truth behind the bigger picture!

  • pmckuen
    Posted at 18:15h, 20 April Reply

    College of DuPage – Unwarranted Criticism…Says Breuder! via @ECWDogs

  • Chris M. Gaines
    Posted at 09:03h, 22 April Reply

    Who is ultimately responsible for all this on our watch? We the People are, all of us. Quit playing games and making excuses and implement change effectively. Take action today, now. Impunity arises from a failure of the State to meet their obligations to investigate criminal or civil violations to the law; to take appropriate measures in respect of the perpetrators, particularly in the area of justice, by ensuring that those suspected of criminal or civil responsibility are prosecuted, tried and duly punished; to provide victims with effective remedies and to ensure that they receive reparation for the injuries suffered; to ensure the inalienable right to know the truth about violations; and to take other necessary steps to prevent a recurrence of violations. Question remains…HOW do We the People implement SIGNIFICANT change in our corrupt government agencies and our corrupt public institutions like COD? Unless their is significant changes made now and those responsible for these mistakes are held PUBICALLY AND CRIMINALLY accountable then what’s the purpose of all this public exposure about it? All that is written about all this makes for good headlines and for interesting reading about it all obviously, but if no significant impact is made to stop this public trust erosion, and collapse of the foundations (public trust) of our government is to be expected, then what’s the point of all these stories told about it? Seriously, actions speak louder than words. Take action NOW and quit just writing and talking about it…Please. Thanks.

    • jmkraft
      Posted at 09:09h, 22 April Reply

      You can read the continuing actions taken in the article from the Chicago Tribune:

      • Chris M. Gaines
        Posted at 18:32h, 23 April Reply

        Source: (part of a comment made on a story)
        [ …Those who’s judgement falters when presented with what they believe is “opportunity” should remember that it’s much easier to hitch up their wagon than it is to unhitch and seperate themselves from it when trouble arrives on the horizon. For some, there will be no seperating themselves. As “opportunity” fades and is replaced by the demand for accountability and truth, false allegiances of convenience and gain will quickly crumble. Friendships will evaporate and,for some, there will be only pieces that remain. Patientia – Aequitas Equitas ]

        When those who committed these crimes are held accountable finally and sentenced to prison, not probation of any kind then, and only then, justice will be served upon them and a clear message will be sent to everyone involved and this public trust erosion to our foundations and corrosion of our system of government and it’s agencies will eventually stop, and be repaired, and heal from this public corruption of it hopefully I pray. May God have mercy upon all our souls for allowing this to happen on our watch. We the People are ultimately responsible for this all. Take responsibility as a citizen of our community, oyr state, our nation, our world, our government, our public servants. Get MORE informed. Get MORE involved. Take action today, please. Thank you.

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